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Home Topics in Depth Education Can't forget video of teachers being treated like children.

  • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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    Can't forget video of teachers being treated like children.

    Professional Development meetings, sometimes called In-Service, are supposed to be offering up intelligent new developments in the field of education. Looks like someone in the back of the room took this video.  This woman actually gets paid for this terrible presentation.

    I remember some of our In Service days.  We had to role play such silly stuff.   They made us clap in rhythm like first graders might do.   If we just sat there embarrassed that we were not being given new info and research….they would ridicule us.

    This is a new low in education reform.

    Here is the summary of the session from the blog of Joe Bower, a Canadian educator.  Joe passed away fairly recently.  Tragic.

    Here is what Education Hell looks like

    I have four quick points:

    1. Roller coaster of emotions. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions as I watched this apocalyptic video. First, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Second, I was angry. I couldn’t imagine sitting in that classroom chanting without speaking up or walking out. Third, I was profoundly sad. If this is the nature of education reform and the future of our schools then I want nothing to do with it. Lastly, I am energized and hopeful. The only thing that cancerous education policies and practices need to survive is for good teachers to say and do nothing. Silence is not only assent to these soul-sucking test and punish practices — silence is also betrayal to our democracy, public education and ultimately our children. This is why I’m attending the Network for Public Education Conference this weekend in Austin, Texas.

    2. This is not Professional Development. This is at best a very poor inservice. Professional development is for professionals to determine their own growth and learning. This is precisely why teachers need a powerful Union that has a strong Professional Association focus to make sure that teachers have control over their own professional learning.

    3. Teaching or testing? Teaching to the test and excessive test preparation invalidates inferences that can be drawn from the scores – yet they are the inevitable response to pressure to produce good test scores. Classroom time is devoured by not only the tests themselves but also practice tests, pre- and post-tests, field tests for the tests, benchmark tests, teacher tests, district tests, and state or provincial tests. Because testing is not teaching, this ultimately leads to a loss of opportunities for students to have a broad range of educational experiences, and the first things to go usually end up being the arts and physical activity – which do not lend themselves to be easily tested.

    ……One last bonus horror: Is this being done to the teachers to encourage them to return to their classrooms and do exactly this to their students?

    (I am reposting portions of articles I posted before they are important right now, and I don’t want to link elsewhere.)

    I am reading so much in the news about fear and terror directed toward Betsy Devos, Trump’s new Secretary of Education.   I also am fearful that she will be the last straw for public education.

    HOWEVER…there’s not a mention of Arne Duncan, Obama’s former Sec of Ed.  There’s not a mention of Obama’s present and much worse Secretary of Education, John King.  When Arne was appointed the Broad Foundation ( a major player in privatizing schools) said that “the stars were aligned.”)

    Eli Broad, Bill Gates, the Walmart family (Walton) and other major foundations leading the way in changing education from public to privately run…what would they say about John King.  More stars aligned.

    Betsy Devos goes a step further than Arne Duncan.  He was only almost to pushing vouchers which would be given to parents, stripping the schools of finances almost at once.  Betsy has been there for a long time.   But they are only a few steps away from each other on the path to privatization.

    I was attacked for years as were many other bloggers who tried to point out what Obama was doing….which incidentally is exactly what Hillary had in mind.

    So it really kills me to see Betsy Devos pummeled, though I absolutely fear for education under her reign.   I want to yell out and ask why the same things were so ignored under Obama.

    Sadly, though I already know.




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    If a person is required to be loyal to a political party and not question their stands on issues, then any semblance of real truth is lost. https://twitter.com/madfloridian

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  • awoke in 2003 (410 posts)
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    1. They want obedient workers

    Not an educated populace. Smart people capable of thought led to the protests of the 60s. When anyone tells me the dem party is the friend of labor, I say “Arne Duncan”. That shuts most people up. If you can’t stand up for teacher’s unions, you won’t stand up for any (except police unions, of course. Got to feed the guard dogs)

    Call me Owen
    • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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      2. Obama said we should be educating kids for a global economy…

      Which sounds to me like we train them to be good workers.

      If a person is required to be loyal to a political party and not question their stands on issues, then any semblance of real truth is lost. https://twitter.com/madfloridian
      • awoke in 2003 (410 posts)
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        4. It brings to mind

        a George Carlin rant (it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it)

        Call me Owen
      • TwilightSporkle (1795 posts)
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        5. You don't even need the "sounds to me" there

        That’s exactly what is being said, and what is being taught.

        What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace

        But you only understand the language of the sword

        I let the blade do the talking

        So my tongue shall become iron

        And my words the mighty roar of war

  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    3. Blackwater's sister is Ed Sec. Oh boy, good times.

  • Astronaut Mike Dexter (670 posts)
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    6. wow soul crushing and humiliating.video

    I can’t imagine the type of character who would attend a meeting like that willingly. Normal people would have had to check their self-respect and free will at the door- all for a pay check

    • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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      8. It depends on whether you want the job or not.


      If a person is required to be loyal to a political party and not question their stands on issues, then any semblance of real truth is lost. https://twitter.com/madfloridian
  • Peace13 (975 posts)
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    7. I would be so fired.

    This is so sad.

    Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
  • LWolf (94 posts)
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    9. I don't treat my students this way.

    I do use a lot of strategies, including TPS; I do sometimes ask them to repeat what they’ve heard, individually, and in their own words; that’s usually a strategy for my adhd kids, and done privately, not whole-class.

    If I were a teacher in this in-service, I would have been at the back, I would not have been parroting the presenter, and, if I had my laptop, I probably would have been catching up on email and grading digital assignments or planning.