Caucus bad. Caucus bad! Caucus BAAAAD!

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      I have commented on this before. The Democratic Party has decided they don’t like caucuses anymore, since they figured out Bernie does well in caucuses. The irony here is that caucuses used to be a way for the party to resist an insurgent candidate who might sweep in on some sort of populist tide and grab a primary election. But the party is weaker now, without the ability to control caucuses the way they used to. Now they prefer primaries, and they’re even thinking about a single national primary where everybody in the country votes on the same day. This is short term thinking, of course, and they only see what’s in front of their noses right now. Give them a few years and they’ll be stumping for caucuses again.

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      Because just two weeks ago they really loved caucuses when Ratface declared himself victor with 0% of precincts reporting.


      Oh well, i guess when your entire ideology revolves aroudn not having an ideology….

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      I agree with the headline.

      I like the idea of “one man, one vote” so prefer primaries and  a national primary.

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      Depends on what they want to replace caucuses with.  I’m afraid most Dem party officials would want to replace it with something that has more circuitry and “shadowy” software and hardware companies.  Seriously–I’m sure Shadow will change their name–I mean ES&S, Diebold (whatever they are called these days), and that whole corruption industry.

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      So I have a soft spot for caucuses.  However, I can’t imagine being able to adequately train enough people in the intricacies of the 15% rule, so it’s just as well we now have a primary.  Caucuses could work if the states holding them are sufficiently low in population, but that is getting harder to do year by year.

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      ..they would demand the destruction of every last electro-fraud “voting” machine on the planet, and then eliminate “superdelegates” from existence entirely.

      The caucus process – while potentially chaotic – is still infinitely more honest than either of the above. And by that, I mean the caucus as intended. Not the electro-cheating model used in Iowa recently. Or whatever the multi-level clusterfuck that was in Nevada 2016. I’d say Bernie got his redemption in that state, this time around at least.

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