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  • Xyzse (2534 posts)
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    Ceasefire on Syria after Trump/Putin Talk

    Interesting.  I barely saw a thing about this.  This is definitely an important matter to discuss.

    I actually will have to applaud Trump on this one.  Any reason for alleviation of tensions and less war is a great thing.

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  • Babel 17 (2607 posts)
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    1. Jimmy Dore is pounding them out

    Good stuff.

    • Xyzse (2534 posts)
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      2. Yep. The articles he has cited are quite telling.

      So I agree that Trump is generally a miserable failure, but alleviation of tension with Russia and Syria to me is a positive.

      The constant Russia-gate saga to me is the distraction.

  • Mom Cat (8778 posts)
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    3. Good analysis of how the MSM is stuck on stupid.