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  • Segami (8597 posts)

    CENTRIST DEMOCRATS Are Republicans. PERIOD – Nobody Should Be Surprised


    CENTRIST DEMOCRATS Are Republicans. PERIOD – Nobody Should Be Surprised


    “…A third of Maryland Democrats are backing the Republican governor.
    Former NAACP president Ben Jealous, Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, is one of 2018’s most compelling candidates. He’s also running one of the cycle’s most challenging campaigns, taking on Republican Larry Hogan, who consistently polls as one of America’s most popular governors—despite the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two-to-one margin in the state. On Tuesday, a Washington Post/University of Maryland pollfound that Jealous is trailing Hogan by 20 points—58 percent to 38 percent. Most troubling for Jealous is that Hogan is winning 35 percent of Democrats. Hogan, moreover, has a slightly higher favorability rating among Democrats than Jealous does, 58 percent to 52 percent…”



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      “...There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life...” ― Frank Zappa

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    • Phlem (901 posts)

      1. 100%

    • Xyzse (4540 posts)

      2. See what I mean? I am actually voting for Ben Jealous.

      They go off on “Vote Blue No Matter Who” unless it is someone not part of the establishment.

      In fact, I am actually not too happy with Ben Jealous for being a little too much to the right, but it is not a deal breaker for me.

      So, does this get talked about or is there any outcry against this elsewhere?  These types of stories are the only things that make me curious to see if people actually complain about this in another place.

      I still remember someone justifying it in saying that Hogan is popular, and no chance any way.  I am like WTF?

      • MistaP (11128 posts)

        3. we've known that for 12 years when half the Dems backed Lieberman

        the Clinton campaign created Trump with the Pied Piper strategy (Third Way = Bell Curve)
        • Xyzse (4540 posts)

          4. :( I was late to the party.

          I didn’t know any better really.

          2004 was when Kerry was running.  I actually liked him for a  while, considering a leadership with him as the final possible band-aid before things got really bad.

          Which is why I did everything I could at the time, phone-banked, canvassed, donated, even tried to help in the recount efforts and Black-Box voting.

          • 2000, I was a dumbass that didn’t know anything much about Politics.  To be fair, this was my first elections.
          • 2004, GW Bush was so horrific that Kerry looked great in comparison.
          • 2008, Obama and Hillary were the bottom of the barrel for me.  I helped with Hillary since she was more of a known quantity than Obama, and I did not trust that guy at the get-go.  I even mulled other options before Palin came along, scaring me in to helping his campaign.  I will keep saying it, but Obama saved McCain’s life, who would have died in office, giving us a PP(President Palin).  That thought was enough to have me running.
          • 2012, I truly wished that there was a primary against Obama.  It did not happen.  Romney came along, and his record with Bain capital, and how he was a Predatory Capitalist just struck out against me so hard that I ended up just voting Obama again.
          • 2016, I was initially happy with the three candidates.  Supporting O’Malley till January 2016, weeks before he dropped out.  Hillary and her adherents, unfortunately through so many reasons made Herself so abhorrent, that she reached a level of unacceptability that still affects me till today.

          2016, was when the blinders and excuses came off.  That is what Hillary’s candidacy has wrought.  She was the catalyst for that change.  She sucked the air out of the room for everyone, that it drew attention to herself, forcing people to look at all the ugliness behind, propping her up.

          That killed their credibility.  Unfortunately for them, it is all online, and they can’t quite get away from things now.

          Everything is so easily searchable.

          • MistaP (11128 posts)

            7. I said it back then, had Clinton just stuck with vague bland platitudes

            she would’ve probably won–but she’s not that sort of person, and neither are her devoted followers since 1992

            instead she hired David Brock and Lanny Davis, she badly misunderstood Sanders as just some interloper from the New English woods simply promising the same things she did but for free; it was unfair that he was climbing in the polls–he wasn’t a legitimate candidate: primaries are cheating

            2004 Kerry win would’ve been very status-quo, especially given his “yea” vote, but he would’ve overseen the 2007 crash and definitely get primaried and succeeded by a Pub

            2007-8 was the nail in the coffin for me–just PUMAs vs. Jonestowners; SV became a place that promptly picked up on what a massive disappointment he was, producing a dilemma for the Dems that they had to wave the banner of the New Deal and Great Society while “fixing” the programs; they had to hide the Great Recession’s illness, underemployment, addiction, despair so their enforcers ended up like HAL 9000 and spiraled into frothing delusion and blue links; so by 2015 SV was 85% for Sanders

            that’s why for 2016 they used Trump to scare Salon, Slate, Vox, Vice, Daily Beast, DU, DKos, HuffPo, RawStory, AlterNet, ThinkProgress, TPMemo, Smirking Chimp, Lawyers Guns Money, EmptyWheel, Mother Jones, The Nation, The Daily Show team, Tom Tomorrow, The Guardian into line–all these had exposed what Obama had really been doing

            all synchronized so She wouldn’t have to deal with scrutiny–in fact, to deal with people who thought the President should have scrutiny: they were gonna be her white-noise machine

            so 2016 forced the Dems to throw in the kitchen sink: now we know everything they can hit you with, every favor called in, every dirty trick, every lever of power was exposed by their using it

            the Clinton campaign created Trump with the Pied Piper strategy (Third Way = Bell Curve)
            • Xyzse (4540 posts)

              10. Yeah, you're right.

              I can’t add much to that.

            • mrdmk (1184 posts)

              15. Well said. Those were strange days "PUMA's vs. Jonestowners", those groups were

              eating each others lunch. In the end, the One Percent got the better deal. Strange how those things just work out.

              If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit  WC Fields
              • MistaP (11128 posts)

                16. that was when I really noticed the party's delusion that elections were won

                and lost on the online forums–that if they could just tamp down on the cage-rattlers and their damnable refusal to just forget and ignore, then the Dems would win both houses until the Sun left the main sequence

                the Clinton campaign created Trump with the Pied Piper strategy (Third Way = Bell Curve)
                • mrdmk (1184 posts)

                  17. Obama's election promises were supposed to be the end of Bush II stupidity

                  Obama did not keep his promises, instead we were just given this


                  If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit  WC Fields
      • Ohio Barbarian (13463 posts)

        6. There was mini-outcry on the Site Which Must Not Be Named. I checked out of

        curiosity. There was a story about this yesterday, maybe 30 replies, a large minority outraged by Democrats supporting a Republican, any Republican, a few Vichy Democratic stalwarts basically saying “Meh,” or Jealous is an awful candidate(no explanation offered) or a lot of white Democrats are racist and that’s just the way it is. :shrug:

        Quite unlike what would happen if a third of Democrats were supporting a Green.

        No man ought to stay poor so another man can get rich. --Newton Knight
        • Xyzse (4540 posts)

          9. I see.

          That’s pretty much as expected.

          Thank you for satiating my curiosity.  I don’t have to go.


    • TRex (5736 posts)

      5. We have a one party system – the play-for-pay party.

      They might pretend to be Coke and Pepsi, but in the end they all are Dr. Peppers. And they fool enough people into believing it is all the other parties fault when they are both to blame. And the voters do it again over and over, because we are not given a third option.

      Coke or Pepsi, decide.

      Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
    • 3FingerBrown (1395 posts)

      8. But these same democrats tell other democrats

      you can’t support Bernie because he isn’t a democrat!

      • Segami (8597 posts)

        11. They’re been delivering this branded noise….

        ….of hypocritical rubbish to the Dem party forever…..

        GOP Centrist/Dems WARNING other Democrats NOT to support Bernie Sanders, who in fact is a much better, more honest and true Democrat than most, if not all current Democrats within the party.


          “...There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life...” ― Frank Zappa
        • 3FingerBrown (1395 posts)

          12. Yep. Bernie is really just an old school, blue collar, pro worker democrat,

          regardless of what letter is next to his name nowadays, but that is still too far left for these Vichy  (as Ohio Barbarian would say) democrats.

          • RufusTFirefly (4606 posts)
            Mr. Jenkins

            18. Yup. And to think that once there was even such thing as a Liberal Republican!


            California Republicans often fell under this category, as did former senators, such as Charles M. Mathias (R-MD), Charles Percy (R-IL), Mark Hatfield (R-OR), and Lowell Weicker (R-CT).

    • Carolina (603 posts)

      13. We cannot paint with a broad brush

      Hogan may be a exception to the routine repuke. My female relatives, especially the younger ones, in Maryland LOVE Hogan for some of the taxes he’s repealed including taxes on feminine hygiene products (which are a necessity) and oral contraceptives. May sound small but for women taxes on those items add up.

      My sister said he also eliminated O’Malley’s rain tax (not sure what that is) and other senseless taxes that were burdensome for the middle class (like my relatives). Meanwhile, they tell me Jealous is a joke, even said he was running for governor of Virginia and then blamed that slip-up on a speech impediment.

      So much more… but my sister and I are children of the 50s and FDR, JFK Democrats! We loathe repukes and DINOs. So when my trusted sister says she’s proudly voting for Hogan, Hogan must be the exception!

      • mrdmk (1184 posts)

        19. Here in California, Governor Jerry Brown and other Democrats did the same

        thing with taxes (with the help of the Republicans). There is a majority and expected to be a majority of Democrats after the election. Whereas, Brown is termed out.

        It was mostly sale taxes to fix roads with a gas tax. An added sales tax added on after a general sales tax in restaurant tabs to pay for medical of restaurant workers. Two increases in the sales tax including adding items that were once considered food. These are off of the top of my head, there are others like trying to get a college education in a state school.

        Sales tax in economic terms is called a flat tax. A flat tax generally affects most of the Upper Middle Class, the Middle Class and the Poor, the rich need not worry. No wonder people are upset, they get to watch money fly out of their wallets and get nothing in return.

        The “flat tax” verse “progressive tax” system debate has been around since the 1970’s. People were lured into the flat tax system because of the allure of “Simplicity”. Most people learned real quickly what flax tax meant to them when sales tax went over five percent. Some people are still learning.

        If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit  WC Fields
    • Colors of the Rainbow (2330 posts)

      14. This has nothing to do with Ben Jealous. It is about Larry Hogan.

      The reason why Larry Hogan is likely to win a Republican hold, via re-election, as Governor of Maryland, is because of high approvals from both self-identified Republican and self-identified Democratic voters.

      I came across, a month or so ago, that Hogan has job approval numbers from self-identified Democratic voters more than 50 percent.

      In 2014, Hogan won a Republican pickup of the governorship of Maryland with a margin of +3.78. He received 51.03 percent. Losing Democratic nominee Anthony Brown received 47.25 percent.

      This actually has nothing to do with Ben Jealous. If Hogan was unpopular, one could look at the Democatic nominee. I am looking at FiveThirtyEight.com for the Nevada U.S. Senate race where Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen is supposedly poised to unseat Republican incumbent Dean Heller. Heller, who is not popular, won the 2012 U.S. Senate election by a measly +1.16 percentage points. (Result: Heller at 45.87% vs. Shelley Berkley at 44.71%.) And 2o12 Dean Heller was a Republican hold, following the 2006 re-election of John Ensign. FiveThirtyEight.com has that Nevada U.S. Senate race such a tossup, even indicating on 10.11.2018 that Heller may win it in a Republican hold by +0.5, as a tossup when Rosen should be flipping there and carrying by at least +5 percentage points. Now, if one want to talk about a shitty Democratic challenger looks like, in a winnable election race, don’t look at Ben Jealous—look at Jacky Rosen as more possibly fitting that role. What the fuck!

      If it turns out Larry Hogan wins re-election, no matter the margin (but it would be a 2014-to-2018 Republican shift; I think around 30 of the other 35 gubernatorials will be 2018 Democratic shifts), it may be the worst mistake Ben Jealous made was with timing. That the better midterm year to run for Governor of Maryland is 2022.

    • Blackspade (4590 posts)

      20. yep.