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Home Main Forums All Things Bernie/Our Revolution Check this page out. Fun stuff! At least to me.

  • leftcoastmountains (5581 posts)

    Check this page out. Fun stuff! At least to me.

    Reddit Bernie Sanders for President has a great poster of Bernie with his arm raised and he has wings made of the American Flag. I was looking for a copy I could paste here. So I stumbled upon all these Bernie 2020 items. I’m not buying at this point. Will wait until Bernie announces then buy from his campaign. But for me it’s fun to look at. God I hope he runs!


    Here’s the reddit page I’m talking about.


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    #CalExit #RunBernieRun!!!

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  • ThomPaine (6947 posts)

    1. We need a backup plan. We can't totally rely on Bernie. Makes us vulnerable.

    • leftcoastmountains (5581 posts)

      2. Honestly there's nobody else I'm interested in running. I always vote but as

      has been in the past, my vote will be a so what affair. I will watch with mild interest only. To me it will be politics as usual. In fact I will probably tune out, drop out etc.

      #CalExit #RunBernieRun!!!