China Sends Military to Intercept U.S. in Disputed Sea

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      I know that we get these kind of headlines every now and then, but we are at a point of strong tensions between the US and China right now in which brings me great concern about what’s taking place in the South China Sea.


      Tom O’Connor 7 hrs ago

      © Chinese People’s Liberation Army
      The Chinese military has moved to intercept U.S. warships sailing through the contested South China Sea in the latest of what has been a series of tense encounters surrounding the two powers in the Asia-Pacific.

      The U.S. Navy deployed its Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell into the contested waters just 12 nautical miles from Paracel Islands, one of the numerous land formations that were claimed by China as well as other nations in the region. In a statement sent to Reuters, Pacific Fleet spokesperson Rachel McMarr said Monday that the maneuver was part of a “freedom of navigation” operation intended “to challenge excessive maritime claims,” though she claimed there was no specific target or political message.

      The move was met with deep criticism in Beijing, which has vast claims to the spanning South China Sea, including nearby Taiwan, a self-ruling island nation whose nationalist government split with the communist-run mainland after losing a civil war in 1949. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang confirmed during a press conference later that day that the U.S. sent a vessel into the area “without permission from the Chinese side.”

      The Chinese side immediately sent military vessels and aircraft to conduct verification and identification on the U.S. ship and warned it to leave,” Lu told the briefing. “We have lodged stern representations with the U.S. side.”

      Formally RealityCheck

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      It’s only a matter of time before something ugly happens during one of our global provocations.

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      China is an expanding empire, while our empire is slowly shrinking. We used to play this game with the Soviet Union on a daily bssis, ships cutting each other off, issuing warnings, etc.

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      Spanish Devil
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      I see China at present consolidating its economy, society and culture domestically while reducing its dependance on exports to the US by expanding other international markets. And I think the government is very serious about advancing technological frontiers in all areas from environmental to the highest physics and space.

      China’s military posture is clearly more responsive to that of the USA in the above context rather than the other way around.

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