Christian group conducts study on abortion, finds that Christians have the most abortioNS

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      –70 percent of the women they surveyed considered themselves Christians.
      –Over 50 percent of the surveyed women who attend church regularly have kept their abortions secret from their church community.
      –40 percent of women surveyed feel that churches are not equipped to help them make decisions about unwanted pregnancies.

      Roughly two thirds of the women surveyed agree that their pastor’s teachings on forgiveness do not apply to women who’ve had abortions. Over half of women believe that their church is out-of-touch when it comes to helping them understand their options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

      Regardless of the choices the women in these communities make, they face judgment on all sides, and have to choose between secrecy and being ostracized, in which no ‘right’ decision can be made. This could be a reason why over half of women who regularly attend church keep their past a secret

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      Self inflicted, of course. Almost everything they say as fact can be proven wrong. Their fear of facts and reality is epic, all they pray for is their Rapture – because God knows their life here is miserable. It must be.

      Like this non existent war on Christmas, all made up garbage by racist fundamentalists. Americans mostly identify as Christian and Christmas is the only federally religiously celebrated holiday.

      Schools go on Christian break, er I mean Christmas break. The Right loves their morons.

      Forcing people to work without pay is akin to slavery.

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