Christianity Today's split with Trump highlights deeper issue in white evangelical America

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      This is a fair article from Reuters that describes the age gap in the American Evangelical Christian community. Basically, young people are leaving evangelical churches in disgust over their support for Trump, and those folks are not being replaced. Christianity Today’s editorial calling for Trump’s removal from office is an attempt by some evangelicals who at least try to take their religion seriously to stop the bleeding. Some interesting figures in here as well:

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) – After evangelical publication Christianity Today published a blistering editorial on what it called Donald Trump’s “grossly immoral character”, some church leaders and the U.S. president himself denounced the criticism as elitist and out-of-touch.


      “One of the major factors is that the church is too tied up in right-wing politics,” said Greg Carey, a professor at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. Evangelical activism against gay rights is particularly repellant to many members of a generation where “everyone has friends who are LGBTQ,” Carey said.


      Evangelicalism, like all forms of Christianity in the United States, is struggling to attract younger members, amid an unprecedented surge in recent years of the number of people identifying as religiously unaffiliated.

      White evangelical protestants declined as a proportion of the U.S. population between 2006 and 2018, falling to 15% from 23%, according to analysis by the Public Religion Research Institute.

      Full story here. 

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      OB, thanks for the OP.  What a mockery for real Christians and their children to have to face in America.

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      With white evangelical support of Trump solid at approx 80%, so we’re talking about 80% fanatic cultists of a Jim Jones sort, it’s hard for me to see an issue deeper than that suppurating sore.   Trump has a lot broader range of support than just these obvious Jim Jones cultists.  Trump has the solid support of white racists, and that’s not a small number.  He has the support of all the people in their orbit.  He has the support of those who aspire to keep up with the Kardashians, who were weaned on Duck Dynasty and that’s how they acquired their sense of world history.

      Hey, it’s a problem with absolute capitalism, when it leaves nothing but wasteland to oppose it.

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