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  • RealityCheck (1180 posts)
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    CIA chief Pompeo says no concessions to North Korea's Kim Jong Un

    Now that Mike Pompeo will be replacing SoS Rex Tillerson, when it comes to foreign policy like NKorea, Pompeo will be Trump’s brain. Good luck with that Mike.




    Pompeo said Sunday that he continuously briefs the president on the North Korea matter and that the CIA knows how Kim responds to certain messages, suggesting that Trump’s Twitter attacks on the leader might have been more calculated that impulsive.

    Pompeo also made clear that that administration will not ease sanctions or make any other concessions to North Korea before such talks occur and Kim can provide “complete, verifiable and un-reversible proof” that the missile testing has stopped.

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  • mmonk (2740 posts)
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    1. That should please the opposition.

  • PFunk1 (1410 posts)
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    2. They why the meeting

    Kim isn’t stupid.  Now this thing is nothing more than a photo op-and a bad one at that.  One which Kim will hand 45 his ass if this actually happens.

    • RealityCheck (1180 posts)
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      3. Dangerous Drama

      is certainly churning quickly now. It’s obvious that Trump is trying to seize this moment to improve his battered image. NKorea is his golden prize. So, it appears that he’s putting into place radical minds to confront NKorea. A showdown appears imminent. I give this about 30% chance of panning out for us and 70% chance of serving us a dish of clustermuck.

  • Blackspade (3724 posts)
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    4. The American Empire's hole just keeps getting deeper…