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    Clare Hollingworth: British war correspondent dies aged 105

    Clare Hollingworth, the veteran British war correspondent who broke the news that World War Two had started, has died in Hong Kong at the age of 105.

    Born in Leicester in 1911, Hollingworth broke the story of Germany’s invasion of Poland in August 1939.

    Obituary: Clare Hollingworth
    It was she who spotted German forces amassed on the Polish border while travelling from Poland to Germany in 1939.

    The Daily Telegraph headline read: “1,000 tanks massed on Polish border. Ten divisions reported ready for swift strike” – but it did not carry her byline, a common practice for newspapers at the time.

    She scored another scoop when the Nazis launched their invasion three days later.


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    1. Now SHE was a journalist.

    An eyewitness to history who reported what she saw.

    From NPR:

    She also uncovered a famous scoop related to Kim Philby, the “third man” of Britain’s notorious “Cambridge Five” group of Soviet spies. At a time when the British government was insisting Philby was not the spy in question, she discovered evidence suggesting he had quickly and covertly escaped to Russia.

    The scoop was so stunning that an editor at the Guardian refused to run it, fearing libel suits. Weeks later, she persuaded a deputy editor to run the item on page 7.

    “Shortly afterwards the government admitted it believed Philby had indeed fled to Russia,” the Guardian writes.

    — http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/10/509125437/reporter-who-broke-the-story-of-start-of-wwii-dies-at-105

    Kim Philby was good friends with James Jesus Angleton, who let 60 friends of Allen Dulles go without lie detector examination at CIA.


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