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      Two days ago we here in NE MN got a few snow flakes. Today we got even more. Too early – we are not even at Halloween yet.


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      We’ll get ours soon enough in New Hampshire.

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      Even if the earth gets warmer, it doesn’t mean the weather at your house will seem warmer. You will notice wider swings, bigger weather events like wind and rain. Temperature changes may swing wider and faster, with July snow flakes and January sunbathing weather.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      I’m wondering what kind of a winter this is going to be on the west coast. the animals are behaving unusually (so far as i can recall)

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      So Far From Heaven
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      Not so, batman. Worse than ever. As this graph shows:

      At approx 450 ppm the real fun begins.

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      My community in NW Oregon has had one day this month with below average temps, by 1 degree, the smallest amount possible. This is typical of the entire West Coast. And of course, everyone looks to be below average for rain this month for the entire West Coast.

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      Thank all of you for your comments. The only real trouble with this in our area is that the temps have already killed our gardens and we have already turned up the heat. It will be an expensive winter if this continues. And as some of you pointed out it could be worse.


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