Clinton-era politics refuses to die. Joe Biden is its zombie that staggers on

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      We are talking about a person who built his career as the credit card industry’s man in Washington, while simultaneously cultivating a reputation as a down-to-earth everyman. We are talking about a man who voted against gay marriage when it was unpopular – and then won plaudits for his bravery by changing his mind years later, when it was popular. We are talking about a man who played a key role in launching America’s war on drugs and mass incarceration epidemic, yet who is widely perceived as a sensitive man with hard-won empathy after losing a son. We are talking about a man who voted in favor of the Iraq war even while giving every indication that he knew it was a bad idea.

      Later, he apologized. After that, he became the vice-president for a president whose bona fides on the left were based in large part on his opposition to that war. And now, he will try to ride his connection to that popular ex-president into the White House. And all of the pundits will say that he is the man to beat, and all of the money will come flooding in, and the corporate executives will wink at him even as the firefighters union gives him that big labor endorsement. He is well on his way to uniting everyone who likes to watch the world burn.

      I am not mad at Joe Biden. He is a type. His type is “The Old Way of Doing Things.” Now that he is in the race, his type is represented. He rounds out the field. Now, Democratic voters truly have the entire buffet of choices, from “True Leftist Insurgent” to “Bland, Winning Young Résumé-Polisher” to “Indistinguishable Ambitious Congresspersons” to “The Same Old Kind of White Guy As Always”.

      This is nothing to fear. This is healthy. This is a perfect referendum on where our country is now. Joe Biden, the avatar of the past, believes that he’s well positioned because after the shock of the Trump years, people want to go back to where we were. Wrong. People want to go somewhere new. I fully expect Joe Biden to step out of his campaign headquarters and fall directly into the huge pit that has opened up as America moved tectonically to the left. There is nothing scary about the candidate that represents the political philosophy that produced in the public the deadly cynicism that gave us Donald Trump. This plain fact will never be accepted by the sort of people who believe that Joe Biden is the answer, because accepting it is an indictment of an entire generation of leaders who consider themselves quite successful.

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      I caught a Clinton News Network poll during “Blitzers Bullshit” Situation Room and it made the claim that Bernie has dropped in the polls and Joe the Hair Sniffer is leading. Such trash never ends. 

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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      Rec for Best Header of the Day.

      Barring none. Analysis is spot on also.


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      “This is nothing to fear. ”

      The fear is that the DNC will cheat and shove him in again. I know America has moved on and wants change. That’s not the issue.


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