Clyburn knew Democrats needed a signal to rally around Biden & Why Black Voters Back Biden

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      For the life of me, I don’t understand why black voters never got behind Bernie in ’16 just as they didn’t in ’20. They chose Hilary Clinton back then over Joe Biden now. Bernie had a chance against the corp Dems even after the SC primary until Jim Clyburn endorsed Biden days before SC that rolled into Corp Tuesday. I’ve excepted the fact that Bernie has little chance to pull this out. All of those rich are getting behind Biden. Even Bloomberg called it quits and will back Biden. I remember back when after the DNC cheated Bernie in ’16 that it was extremely important that Bernie and his campaign bulls started to put together a Progressive Party. Needless to say, none of that was attempted. So, as we crept closer to a 2020 presidential race, Bernie ran again but as a Dem and I cringed. I knew that he’d be right back to the same ole same ole predicament. Bernie v Establishment who didn’t want him there. They put in there their darling….. Biden. So, here we are. Biden v Bernie until Bernie bleeds out by a 1000 cuts. The black vote and big corp white money will make damn sure that Biden is nominated. It is what it is.




      Formally RealityCheck

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      Bill Haywood
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      A decent read from Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report

      Fear Pervades Black Politics, and Makes Us Agents of Our Own Oppression


      The rot is deep, a product of generations of capital-subordinate Black politics that followed the violent suppression of Black self-determinationist movements and the imposition of a counterinsurgency, mass incarceration regime at the end of the Sixties. Rather than resist the New Jim Crow/Same Old Rich White Man’s Rule, the Black Misleaderhip Class eagerly offered themselves as co-managers of oppression – for a small cut of the spoils, and the privileges of racial “leadership.”

      It has always been clear to Black Agenda Report that the post-Sixties betrayals of the Black Misleadership Class necessitated that a future Black liberation movement must be largely an internal Black struggle to uproot the corrupted elements in our polity. False unity has become Black folks’ Achilles Heel, allowing Black charlatans free rein in our communities and reserving most elected positions for servants of Capital. The Democratic Party is a predatory edifice of Black disempowerment, from which our people must either free themselves, or become agents of their own perpetual oppression and accomplices in the degradation of humanity, worldwide.


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      for over 25 years, and having just this type of conversation with many inlaws and common friends, plus co-workers ( I work in a very racially mixed blue collar environment), one of the main answers to your question about why so many black folks support Clinton/Biden, and hesitant about Bernie, would be that black folks are almost always the first and hardest fucked over by the policies of incoming republican administrations, going back decades, hell, centuries even, and the natural defensive reaction for many is to back the safest, less risky, and most establishment opponent, at least in their eyes, because many are on the front lines when it comes to the targeting of the right wing hate machine. And I can’t say I blame them since it is the pragmatic decision, and one I would likely make if I were in their shoes too. Of course it doesn’t help the frustrated progressive’s cause when their are so many grifting corporate black misleaders (as Black Agenda Report describes them) fear mongering the masses, just like white, latino, and Asian misleaders are doing out here! We just have to keep spreading the truth to whoever will listen my friend.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      Babel 17
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      Bernie is sort of the de facto leader of aspiring young progressive politicians, and they’re all chafing under the seniority system in the House of Representatives that the Democrats have. Black leaders especially like it, as they don’t get the kinds of corporate money other Democrats get, and so when you combine seniority with being in a safe district, and never getting a serious primary challenger, they can eventually achieve real power in government.

      So now when both Bernie Sanders, and fire breathing young progressives, come along, they see their positions as being in jeopardy. They only have to look at what the Tea Party forced Republican leaders to do, which was to reduce the influence of seniority on getting choice Committee assignments.

      So those Black leaders use their influence in their state’s Democratic party structure to get the voters to see Sanders as no ally.

      Ironically, that gave them Clinton in 2016, and the loss of the House and the Senate in 2016. The House was regained in 2018, but could get lost in 2020 if Biden is as bad at the top of the ticket as he shows signs of being.

      Even more ironically, that could be all the young Progressives need to force the party to ditch the current system, and bring Progressives to the fore. The corporate donors would fight that tooth and nail.

      Yadda, yadda, yadda, it’s very important that the rebel alliance doesn’t alienate the blue collar voters who see some some good in Trump, and switched from Obama to him. Without having a very broad base, gaining control of the party apparatus would be a short lived victory. That’s Plan B if Bernie wins, to get the swing voters to vote for Trump, and then the third wayers can swoop in and ride to the rescue after Bernie fell victim to their machinations.

      I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Warren and others compelled Bernie to constantly be shoring up his flank on the left by emphasizing how far out there he would go. Then they painted him as too extreme, and Warren went so far as to withdraw from Medicare for All, implying it’s too risky and extreme a solution, and thus leaving Bernie holding the bag by himself to defend its transformative premise.

      Did Warren think that up? No, but she was cleverly, and way too easily, manipulated into effectively putting the knife in Bernie’s back. There were no longer two progressives on stage, but just one, and he was now portrayed as extreme only because his so called ally turned against him. The more you look at it, the more comprehensive Warren’s betrayal can be seen.

      Remember when we figured that her and Bernie’s delegates would get lumped together, and that there was an understanding that whoever had the most would get the nomination? That lasted right up until Bernie showed he was going to outperform Warren. What a fraud she pulled on us.

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      Bernie does have a lot of black support. Why is this myth being repeated here?




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      Personally, I’d think that Bernie could at least pull 50% of black voters to his side. Maybe I’m too greedy with my thinking.



      Rebecca Morin
      William Cummings

      According to exit polls, 64% of black voters supported Biden. Sen. Bernie Sanders came in a distant second with black voters at 15%


      In 2016, Sanders only won about 26% total in South Carolina, compared to his then-Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton at about 73%.

      Formally RealityCheck

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      If Clinton hadn’t run for president in 2016, Bernie probably would have been our president now running for a second term with plenty of African-Americans supporting him.


      March 4, 2020, 6:20 PM EST
      By David Wasserman

      The rest of the March calendar favors Biden, not Sanders. Sanders’ strongest groups to date have been young voters and Latinos, two groups that are overrepresented in the Southwest. But California and Texas have already voted, and Biden is poised to stretch his lead in older and more African American states such as Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi (March 10), Florida and Illinois (March 17) and Georgia (March 24).


      Formally RealityCheck

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