Clyburn lets Biden off the hook for WOC veep.

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      James Clyburn pretty much dictates what Joe Biden can and cannot do. After all, it was Clyburn who rescued Mr. Electable and saved the nation from that socialist Bernie Sanders. I kind of assumed Clyburn would push very hard for a black woman to be the VP choice, but evidently not, at not least publicly. Maybe Clyburn sees some wisdom in appealing to white voters in flyover country. Who knows? I bet Stacey Abrams is not happy about this.

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      just had this horrifying vision of Biden mixing the two issues up and nominating Tara Reade as his running mate

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      I would like that.  He did promise it would be a woman.  I’m not one to throw the baby (a small step of influence towards progressive values) with the bathwater (they’re all sellouts!!!).  IMO Warren’s campaign was another causality in the DNC machinations.  Including from those usurpers installed in her campaign. Who stoked the fires between Sanders and Warren. Partly its Warren herself of course that she’d allow herself and her platform’s goals, to be sidetracked by a manufactured antagonism with the Sanders camp. Or being fooled by those advisors to attack Sanders instead of continuing on with their detente with each others campaigns. Her falling for the “Bernie Bro” myth.

      But even after all that, putting emotion aside, she still has a bold progressive platform, especially in regards to Wall Street. Who would be quaking in their boots if she were the VP.  Some say she would do more good in the Senate, but the high profile of VP and the political advantage of that kind of position and access would be invaluable.  Which is why I highly doubt Biden or his Wall Street advisors would advise that. But if he wants to win, he’d do it. He’d win over the majority of progressive voters and gain a ton of volunteers for Democrats if he did that.

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        She really does seem to believe we need reign in predatory lending and the credit card companies. Of course, she would exert zero influence as vice president,soit would be a symbolic thing.

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        She is not progressive if being progressive would cost her beloved markets a penny.  She has made a point of saying she is not like Bernie, she is a capitalist to her bones.  And Biden having Jamie Dimon and Tony Black and Larry Summers on his short list?  Warren is not going to do anything but hang around and hope for a Congressional tie to break.  Also I would be surprised if Biden makes it to November.  But Warren likes wars and Wall Street, and has already proven herself duplicitous.  So for this progressive – Biden cannot name anyone as VP and get my vote.


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          Anyone that ran against Bernie this cycle is not a progressive. Not that Warren doesn’t have a right but she was willing to stay in the race she had no chance in in order to steal it from Bernie at the convention. Also every race she lost she complained about Bernie supporters and I have seen Warren supporters make themselves look foolish over the Native American identity controversy.

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      Which is exactly why you know the DLC types will NOT be picking her.

      If these fucking idiots gave a cherub’s pink ass about strategy, they wouldn’t have blatantly rigged two consecutive primary seasons for the worst possible candidates available. Biden is actually a shittier candidate than Hillary, based on his dementia alone. Worse yet due to his “pussy grabbing” issues.

      So a more likely DLC strategy would be to double down on their stupidity, and run Hillary as the VP. And then they can let poor addle brained Joe drop out, actually using the Tara Reade accusations as “cover” for his mental incompetence being the actual reason he opts out. Hillary gets her third loss in a row, the corporatists win either way, and the Turd Way gets to blame the whole thing on “sexist Bernie bros” again. And probably the Russians, of course.

      Yes, you may puke now….

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      different? Co-VPs? Warren/Shillary?

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      Clyburn doesn’t give a shit who the VP is as long as he keeps getting them checks.

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