CNN: Another half billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine

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      Biden administration is expected to announce additional military assistance for Ukraine as soon as today
      From CNN’s Barbara Starr

      The Biden administration is expected to publicly announce another round of military assistance for Ukraine as soon as today, according to a US official familiar.

      The package is expected to include additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) as well as artillery ammunition. The package is expected to total no more than approximately $500 million, the source said.

      The White House said they don’t have anything to preview at this time but has stated that the Biden administration has said the US will continue to regularly provide security assistance to Ukraine.

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      but never any money to improve lives.

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      Really we are not at war.

      The US has supported Ukraine against the Russian invasion intended to restore by force its previous borders and sphere of influence.

      It’s time for the US and the Ukraine to look to the future.  How will that look?

      Indenturing Ukraine to billions of debt to the US is sort of enslavement.

      Expecting Ukraine to pay a bill beyond it’s means is, well, sort of dimwitted.

      It’s time for the US to look to the post Ukraine-Russia conflict and ask where it REALLY wants to be.

      History doesn't repeat. We just make the same old mistakes in new contexts.


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        I think this is just as much about the expansion of NATO as it is about the expansion of Russia.

        Under George H. Bush…

        James Baker said there would be no extension of NATO’s jurisdiction or forces “one inch to the east” of the borders of a reunified Germany. The Russians took him at his word and would feel betrayed by NATO enlargement in the years that followed. — William J. Burns, The Back Channel

        Under George W. Bush…

        Ukrainian entry into NATO is the brightest of all redlines for the Russian elite (not just Putin)….I have yet to find anyone who views Ukraine in NATO in anything other than a direct challenge to Russian interests. — William J. Burns, The Back Channel

        How do we explain Antony Blinken’s lack of diplomacy with Putin over the issue of Ukraine? I think I know….The Biden administration saw this as a win-win for the U.S.

        If Russia (Putin) does nothing we win:

        We continue to weaponize Ukraine (Good for the weapons makers. Good for members of Congress — the recipients of large campaign donations from the defense contractors).
        Our goal is to eventually build missiles near the Russian border.
        We’ll continue to have U.S. troops in Ukraine at Russia’s border (if Russia does nothing).
        We would continue to help Ukraine with their “biological research facilities”, as Victoria Nuland called them.

        If Russia crosses the border we also win:

        We finally are able to shut down Nord Stream 2 guaranteeing Germany will not buy cheap natural gas from Russia, in turn, helping the U.S. liquefied natural gas industry.
        We get to sanction Russia and “cripple” their economy. Turn their “Ruble in rubble”. Cut Russia off from SWIFT.
        And….send $ billions of weapons to Ukraine, not $ millions, but $ billions. Good for the U.S. weapons makers and guaranteed campaign cash for members of Congress who approve of the weapons delivery.
        Russia was running a trade surplus in recent years (something the U.S. hasn’t done in decades). The economic sanctions can put an end to that.

        Poor Zelensky. He’s a pawn in this chess match between the U.S. and Russia. And the people of Ukraine will suffer the most.

        “The more money we spend on diplomacy, the less money we need to spend on weapons.” Good policy for mankind. Bad for the weapons makers.

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      Hitler 1944: Kiev is to be held to the last man.
      Biden 2022: Kiev is to be held to the last Ukrainian.

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      What happened to it Joe? Who is accounting for it in your corrupt administration?

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      The Pentagon revealed the details of a new package of US military assistance to Ukraine, in the amount of $450 million:

      4 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems;
      18 patrol boats;
      36 thousand artillery shells,
      1.2 thousand grenade launchers;
      2 thousand machine guns

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