CNN's Bullshit Poll! – Corporate Joe Biden Is Such a WEAK Candidate, CNN Needs to SKEW Their New Poll in His Favor

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    CNN’s Bullshit Poll! – Corporate Joe Biden Is Such a WEAK Candidate, CNN Needs to SKEW Their New Poll in His Favor



    “….Shocking news everyone: CNN’s new poll showing Biden in the lead by double digits didn’t have enough Dem and Dem leaning independents under 50 to statistically report. I wonder why they didn’t disclose that in their article…again….”


    “…CNN is pushing a narrative, and they have been since January. I am annoyed because they will play this on TVs in every waiting room for the next week….”


    “….I will add here that they broke down the favorables for Biden and even Seth Moulton, but not Bernie or Warren. Guess it didn’t have what they wanted to report. Lol…”


    “…Biden couldnt even get to 100,000 donor but hes doubling sanders? Lol…”


    “….Wow! Literal manipulation of data to suit their narrative. If there’s one thing president ass clown is correct about, it’s CNN
    being fake news….”








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    CNN is FAKE NEWS!!

    Weak candidate Corporate Joe Biden’s poll bump are SKEWED results courtesy of CNN.


    “….Your poll is garbage. You didn’t have enough respondants who were Dems or Dem leaning independents under 50 to even report. So again, older people favor Biden. No surprise. Manufacturing consent much?…”



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      From Pat the Berner:…



      “….This is absurd. CNN’s poll showing a “huge bump” for Biden didn’t poll people under 50 (or not enough to factor in). Biden has next to no support under 50 and millennials are the biggest voting bloc in 2020. This is effectively CNN lying to the public. Look at the data yourself:…”


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    I am not even sure that even what CNN is reporting is true.  The poll takers themselves may have lied and left out Bernie’s name so that they come back with the results their bosses wanted.

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    Blue Meany
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    Quinnipac has something similar with Bernie down to 11% and Warren above him at 12%.  And their poll says that the majority are against free college, and even more are against it if we tax the rich to pay for it.  But the majority favor loan forgiveness, unless a new tax on the rich is used to pay for it.   Where do they find these people?

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      They’re panicking and have resorted to Fox News propaganda tactics where they don’t care who fact-checks their claims…..their objective is to generate Biden headlines and circulate false polling results to control the news cycle narrative….

      Their internal numbers probably showed Biden NOT getting any kind of launch bump and possibly even LOSING ground to Bernie….


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    It’s everywhere. Even our local ABC affiliate, owned by Sinclair of course, refers to Biden as “the Democratic front runner” with no evidence to back it up.

    “The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of this planet.” John F. Kennedy

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    So, if he wins the nomination which liberal will he pick for VP to “balance the ticket”?

    He’ll have to move left to be Not Too Moderate and move to the right if we gets nominated to ensure the centrist vote.

    If the liberals start squawking he can point to his running mate to quiet them while still being “not too liberal” for the centrists.

    Politics 101 aka politics-as-usual.

    Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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      Utopian Leftist
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      Goddess willing, we’ll never have to know the answer to that question. But I already know.

      Biden will pick the woman whose hair smells the most terrific to him….

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      There is literally no one he could pick as VP that could induce me to vote for him.  I hate Vichy Dems more than anything else political.

      I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

      Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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    Babel 17
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    They have to fluff Biden before letting him loose to do rallies and town halls. He’ll get poor attendance compared to Sanders, but if he’d gotten honest treatment by the establishment and shown to be a long shot then his attendances would be laughably bad, and an embarrassment to the establishment that anointed him as their savior, the one who’ll save them from feeling the Bern.

    Biden will look pathetic compared to Sanders showing how it can be done, and I have no idea how they’ll save him from the Millennials, and women, who aren’t laughing about his lack of boundaries, crappy treatment of Anita Hill, inexcusable abusive description of Millennials, and crappy apologies for all the crap he’s pulled.

    He’s just a moment or two away from being seeing as the candidate of grumpy old white guys, and that’s really not going to play in the primaries. He’s so iffy that President Obama is likely aware that he’d risk a Civil war in the party if he came out for Biden.

    They need Bernie to die or seriously foul up, and neither looks at all likely to happen. Nobody is going to get to the left of Bernie in the primary, that’s what I’m seeing, and he’ll confront head-on anyone who wants to take him on over Populist or Progressive issues.

    A note about “reparations”: That’s the one exception he has to being as left as anybody; he won’t sacrifice Progressive appeal to get a score of 100% on that issue. He thinks “reparations” should come by way of helping African Americans who’ve been left behind, as well as everybody else who’s been left behind.

    He’s not alone in not wanting to give Trump the election by way of that issue. Sanders seems to have a team of crack advisors who are on top of all the ways things can play out. They’re holding back on pointing out Biden’s flaws until there’s a public clamor over them as a result of Biden’s interactions with the public during his outings on the campaign trail. That’s something Biden can’t avoid.

    I guess he was hoping Professor Hill would stay non-committal regarding his non-apology, but that most certainly is not the case. And imo that’s going to have repercussions as other people are going to be like Anita Hill, and say that all the rest of Biden’s problematic actions are not alright by them, and his non-apologies, and non-explanations, are nowhere near good enough for them.

    Biden bluffing his way through dealing with that will endear him to some of the grumpy older voters, but imo he is going to become very well known to the younger, and disenfranchised, voters as more than a little bit of a dick, and the kind of a guy who’s responsible for them being in the plight they’re experiencing.

    And that’s just horrible for someone wanting to win the Democratic party, and then go on to beat Trump. Imo a great untold story will be the one of the problem Biden has in staffing his campaign, relative to other Democratic candidates who are actually viewed affectionately by the young, and put upon.

    “What, you’re stilled pissed off at me? Give me a break, you spoiled Millennials, and get out of your parents houses and come work for the Biden campaign for free.”

    I’d love to see pictures of what his volunteer staff looks like. He better hope that Obama’s former volunteers come to rescue him, but even there I imagine he’ll come up short with Millennials, and whatever cohort is younger than them.

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      I’ve noted that a lot of corporate news and e-Dems are vocal in saying he’s a perpetual dud, never won one county in Iowa (behind Bill Richardson 2008), etc.–right now it’s just 1. vague association with Obama, 2. “likability,” and 3. massaged polls excluding everyone under 50 to boost his media

      my guess is a week of Inevitability, and then a faster fade than O’Rourke–a more hawkish, less populist candidate than Trump, imposed by force and media ownership after they robbed us of Sanders the first time around, will get wiped November 2020

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    HalfCentury Man
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    One of the data breakdowns in the main body of the post claims Bernie has 15% for men, women, and white people; it claims he has only 14% of the entirety of minority populations of the country (lumped under the title of non-white people).

    I call bullshit. He has a higher following amoung African Americans and First Nations Peoples. He has never had equal ratings with male-female pollings. He has always polled higher amoung women.

    While figures don’t lie, liars can figure. Massaged sampling or massaged numbers.

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    John F. Kennedy: 13 March 1962.

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    Like Bernie says about the corrupt GOP….goes for Biden and his corrupt-to-the-core DNC…

    If you have to cheat to win, get the hell out of politics!


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    Babel 17
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    It just occurred to me, CNN is setting things up so as to squeeze all the drama they can out of Biden before he withers, crumbles apart, and blows away.

    They get to write about his so called rise, and very soon they’ll be writing about his struggles, and following on that they can write about his fall.

    But first he must be built up. I’m reminded of an excellent boxing movie that starred Humphrey Bogart (his last film) and Rod Steiger.

    Unbeknownst to Toro and his manager Luís Agrandi, all of his fights had been fixed to make the public believe that he is for real.

    I found the perfect clip from the film to describe the situation. :)



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    Ohio Barbarian
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    CNN. The least trusted name in news.

    We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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    that Democracy For America pulse poll in utterly invalid

    it is a self-selecting online poll, pure rubbish

    its as valid as a Drudge Report click poll

    that Twitter user, @bunlene

    flogging it

    looks silly



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    Biden2020 is attempting to be Hillary2016…only with HALF the dishonest leverage and TWICE the lead time.

    The dishonest leverage is the same shit we’ve all seen before, and the lead time gives us all plenty of time to realize it.

    If the DemParty actually cheats enough to anoint Touchy McComcast as its nominee, he’s gonna repeat HerSelf’s results…TIMES TWO.

    If you give a man enough rope, it will be six inches too short. This is not the nature of rope- it is the nature of man.

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