CNN's take on Bernie's haul after announcing.

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      Hmmm…so the Republican strategist agrees with the Democratic ‘leadership’ about a winning strategy–yeah, Go Centrist! It has worked so well for them—NOT. 

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      I was just going to post this figure (updated) because I didn’t think it was out, and I didn’t know what the actual number was. It was initially reported that he raised about $3 million in that time frame. But I was watching TYT and they said he raised $5.9 million in that 24 hour period. I am so blown away by that figure. So, to all the nay sayers that he can’t win-you better watch out. The Bernie train is coming!

      Kicking ass and taking names. That’s my Bernie. 

      On edit, that blonde in the middle just had to bring up that he’s a socialist. Put a sock in her mouth please.

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