'Colombia's army chief personally involved in witch hunt against whistleblowers'

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    by Adriaan Alsema August 25, 2019

    Colombia’s National Army commander personally put an investigated general in charge of an alleged witch hunt against commanders who leaked corruption scandals or human rights concerns to the press, according to weekly Semana.

    The magazine based its claim on documents of the Inspector General’s Office, which is investigating several top army officials, including the former second in command of army chief General Nicasio Martinez, on corruption charges.

    Colombia’s inspector general to investigate top army commanders over alleged corruption
    According to one of the documents, 2nd Division commander Brigadier General Mauricio Moreno admitted that Martinez ordered him to call in then-commander of Counterintelligence Support Command, General Eduardo Quiros, to hold a meeting that was part of the alleged witch hunt.

    The former counterintelligence commander has been charged with corruption because during this meeting he was recorded offering money for information that would identify the commanders who talked to the New York Times about Martinez’ controversial army order to double all units’ combat kills and captures.


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    “doily hats and ear covers” – Lol!  Maybe they’re to muffle sound, so the horses don’t react to, say, gunfire, instead of obeying the felt commands of the rider?

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