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    Comey Deals Trump a Political Blow When He Can Least Afford It

    *Lawmakers are weighing Trump’s political capital as votes near
    *Health care bill, Supreme Court nomination both at stake

    by Justin Sink
    March 20, 2017, 1:32 PM EDT

    FBI Director James Comey dealt President Donald Trump a stinging rebuke on Monday at a time of acute political vulnerability for the White House.

    In his opening statement before the House Intelligence Committee, Comey confirmed that the FBI is investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election, and whether any of Trump’s associates collaborated with Vladimir Putin’s government.

    On another day, in another time, that would be the bombshell. But Comey said more, establishing that the president’s charge his predecessor had wiretapped him was false. Working systematically, tweet by explosive tweet, under questioning from lawmakers Comey repeatedly insisted there was “no evidence” to substantiate Trump’s March 4 claims.

    Nothing to prove Barack Obama had ordered phones tapped at Trump Tower. Nothing to indicate Obama had somehow subverted Nixon-era safeguards enacted to prevent abuses of power and protect Americans from top-secret foreign electronic surveillance programs. No reason to conclude Obama had violated the rules of a decades-old intelligence alliance and solicited a foreign ally to carry out the spying.



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  • Ferd Berfel (5264 posts)
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    1. Drumpfs Capital

    was a loan from the Ruskies :roflmao:

    but seriously folks……..

    The Orange Avenger has no political capital

    …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? - Know yourself. And if you need help with that, call the FBI. -  There is only ONE solution to this mess:  New Party !  
  • Betty Karlson (4043 posts)
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    2. So… any news about sauce for the goose?

    “Anyone else doing this would have been prosecuted” – but we make an exception for Our Blessed Lady  of Inevitability, Saint Hillary of Walmart, and the Affluent Fruit of Her Womb, Chelsea.

    "Someone hacks the DNC allowing all of America to see how the DNC operates as one of the most corrupt political machines in national history. Ergo, Hillary Clinton should be installed as President by judicial fiat. And if you do not agree to this scheme you deserve to be brought up on charges of treason because fascism." - NUGrrl, december 2016 “Once a person has been determined to be an UNTRUSTWORTHY LIAR, their pretend stances on important issues are simply not relevant to rational discussion.” – Ida Briggs, September 2016
  • leveymg (3495 posts)
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    3. Still, no specific crime that can be traced to the White House. Not Watergate.

    More dog and pony shows and witch hunts for Russians in Trump’s hair.  The flee circus continues.


  • Major Hogwash (2777 posts)
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    4. Trump is not even close to being out of the woods yet.

    But, the other day Hillary said she was ready to come out of the woods, so this whole thing may just be a woods thing, who knows.

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • jdpriestly (5879 posts)
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    5. Comey said what he said. Now we wait to find out.

    It’s a bit early to be defending or condemning Trump.  But without question, his tweet that Obama was wiretapping him at Trump Tower is false.

    No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
  • tularetom (2173 posts)
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    6. One of these days Trumps gonna learn not to pay any attention to fox news

    Tweeting everything he hears there will do nothing for his credibility and he will eventually realize they don’t necessarily have his best interests at heart.

    Fox is a purveyor of propaganda, they have nothing to lose by spreading bullshit and they can easily leave trump hanging out there when the bullshit is revealed for what it is.


    I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • JimLane (1479 posts)
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      7. A sensible person would have learned that by now.

      If Trump hasn’t learned it by now, I have to doubt that he ever will.

  • TRex (3135 posts)
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    8. Without a doubt, Comey is the main agent of change in this election cycle.

    I believe Leakers and Russia hold a distant second. We all know they either hacked or had a leaker feeding DNC inside dirt to people. There still is no proof Russia directly hacked our election system.

    This is bigger than Watergate. This involves treachery from all corners.

    “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” - Obama