Common Sense: Medicare For All: Foundation of a ‘New Normal’ In U.S. Health Care

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      This pamphlet has six parts:

      I. How the ‘old normal’ of U.S. health care is breaking up

      II. The inadequate response to the pandemic by the Trump administration

      III. Why the ‘old normal’ should be replaced

      IV. The case for and against three major reform alternatives

      V. What the ‘new normal’ will look like after replacing our dysfunctional, largely private health insurance industry with a not-for-profit single-payer financing system with the mission to extend universal coverage for health care to our entire population

      VI. Useful resources

      Comment by Don McCanne of PNHP: We are facing the worst health care crisis in a century. The impact is so severe that we are also facing the worst economic crisis in a century. John Geyman’s pamphlet could not be more timely.

      We can do something about it. We have three choices to begin to immediately address this crisis – (1) building on the ACA; (2) one or another variant of a public option; and (3) single payer Medicare for All – and only one will work.

      Our presidential election is right around the corner. One major party candidate has selected two of the approaches – build on ACA and add a public option – but rejects the one reform that will work – single payer Medicare for All. His choices only tweak our complex, expensive but grossly inadequate health care financing system that has left tens of millions exposed to financial hardship while failing to provide adequate access to the health care that they desperately need.

      The other major party candidate is currently in office and has been bumbling around in a display of the greatest incompetence that this nation has ever seen in its leader. He has promised “phenomenal” health reform, though nearing the end of his current term in office, he has never revealed what that reform is, no doubt because he does not have an effective proposal. (Lest this comment be criticized for being political rather than being limited to a discussion of policy, it has to be acknowledged that the prevailing process has been so highly political that it has created almost impenetrable barriers to reform – barriers that we must overcome.)

      We desperately need a major reset, and it is the third option that would establish policies that will effectively begin to address the combined health and economic crises that we face: the single payer model of Medicare for All. True, we will need to be doing much more, but we cannot begin until we have the health care financing infrastructure that will organize us and start to move us in the direction in which we need to be headed.

      We need a movement of the people – a movement that will bring us a Congress that will do the right thing by, in turn, forcing the president who will be in office in 2021 to do the right thing for all of us. John Geyman’s latest in his series of Common Sense pamphlets can be very helpful as a valuable tool for sending us in the right direction. His common sense description of where we are, the three directions that we could take, and the one that will actually achieve success – single payer in all its simplicity – can be used as a basis for moving the process.

      This edition of Common Sense has already been sent to every member of Congress. It is now the job for us, the people, to be sure that every member of Congress, along with their staff members, familiarize themselves with this straightforward action – single payer Medicare for All – and then enact it and require the president to implement it, even if a veto override is required.

      Congress and the president aren’t fixing this thing now. We, the people, have to make them do it. To the streets!

      And, yes, for the loudest voice of all, we need to make sure that everyone votes!

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      It was called ‘Common Sense: The Case for and against Medicare for All’. The price was only $5.95. He made a compelling case in support of Medicare for All, so I went on to read two more of his books. There was one of his books I wanted to read but never did. I think it was called ‘Obamacare is Unsustainable’, or something like that. Maybe someday I’ll get my hands on it.

      His new pamphlet sounds quite interesting.

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