Companies are Getting Rid of Drug Tests Because They Can’t Find Enough Workers

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      (Vice) In the midst of a global labour shortage, employers around the world are doing away with drug tests in a desperate bid to attract more job applicants, fill more roles and retain more workers.

      A survey, conducted by staffing firm ManpowerGroup and released this week, indicated that 9 percent of more than 45,000 employers worldwide were eliminating job screenings or drug tests as an incentive to “attract and retain in-demand talent.” That equates to some 4,050 employers, from 43 countries, who are willing to turn a blind eye to workers’ recreational drug use if it means filling vacant positions.

      “The global talent shortage shows no sign of slowing, with 69 percent of employers reporting difficulty filling roles,” the survey reported in its executive summary. “Overall,” it added, “the employment outlook is optimistic, particularly for employers that are prepared to adapt to a new world of work and offer incentives to attract and retain the talent they need.”

      Last month, a report by Deloitte noted that this global talent shortage is coinciding with elevated unemployment rates in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, as economies start to reopen following crippling COVID-19 lockdowns. Not only are more individuals finding themselves out of work, but employers are also experiencing difficulty in attracting and hiring qualified candidates. Screening measures like drug tests, which threaten to weed out candidates from an already small talent pool, only complicate things further.

      Full story here

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      For now, lol.

      What stupidity. People want a living wage. They want health care. Drug tests or no drug tests – it doesn’t matter. I guess maybe these companies are trying everything they can think of so that they don’t have to raise wages, and the executive bonuses can stay untouched.

      Drug tests will return when these companies later want to find a pretext for getting rid of people whom it’s difficult to get rid of in a straightforward way.

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      For forty years employers required a 4 year degree and 10 years experience for an entry level minimum wage job because there were so many applicants. Then they refused to pay taxes to educate their workers so that they could complain of the low skills. Now they can’t dehumanize and starve their employees aany more so they’re complaining that they can’t force enough people to work for them. So now they want “immigration reform.”

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