Condemning ‘Stunning’ Ethics Violations, Warren and Jayapal Demand Answers on US Judges With Financial Conflicts

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      Warren and Jayapal cite a Wall Street Journal report that revealed 131 judges failed to recuse themselves from cases involving companies in which they or their family members owned stock—a scope of ethics violations the lawmakers called “stunning.”

      The letter cites legal precedents from the code of conduct that require judges to recuse themselves from all cases where financial interest is involved, calling the extensive ethic breaches, at least in part, “a direct result of the inadequate processes for judicial accountability. These conflicts of interest have affected hundreds of cases and the integrity of the justice system,” the letter reads.

      The letter references other instances in which Supreme Court justices similarly did not recuse themselves from cases despite potential financial conflicts, including through ownership of individual stock, as further evidence of a “systemic failure that requires accountability.”

      Warren and Jayapal argued that their comprehensive ethics legislation—the Anti-Corruption & Public Integrity Act—if passed—would close the large gaps in the U.S. judicial ethics system by requiring public release of disclosure reports, overhauling the recusal system, and barring judges from owning individual stocks.

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      Or facing a firing squad.  Abusing their power that much should have serious consequences to deter other judges from similar shit.

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        A Simple Game
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        and others that steal from, prey on, and abuse their authority over, the public should be placed in glass cages on the back of tractor trailers. These trucks could tour the country and prominently display to everyone what can happen to you if you abuse your public trust.  I’m still not sure if they should also be naked while on display for added humiliation.

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      NV Wino
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      Not to defend these people, but if they have any kind of diversified portfolio, they may not be aware they have investments that would be a conflict of interest. Also, I expect they have fund managers who buy and sell on a frequent basis. They might be conflicted one day and not the next. Also, most people invest in categories—large cap, small cap, mutual funds, etc.—and let their fund managers choose the specific companies. There are exceptions, of course, and that’s why a blind trust is the only way to go. And, in fact, should be required.

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      The people involved will just have their accountants devise work-arounds.

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        “‘Oops’?! I’ll try that the next time I find myself in court being prosecuted for a crime.” Nothing is going to happen.

        As to Warren and Jayapal, they have shown that they are willing to play ball with the corrupt ways of Beltway insiders (though recently Jayapal seems ambivalent about having done so – we’ll see if she continues down that dark path). This demand from those two is little more than an attempt to burnish “progressive street cred”, nothing more whatsoever.

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