Congo peat: The “lungs of humanity” which are under threat- BBC News

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      Read more at Source, BBC News

      Aerial view of peatland forest at Lokolama/Penzele around Mbandaka, Équateur province, DRC. Greenpeace Africa is documenting ground-level research into satellite data on vast peatland areas recently discovered by scientists in the swamps of the Congo Basin rainforest, as well as affected communities and the natural environment. The most carbon-rich tropical region in the world is estimated to store the equivalent of three years’ worth of total global fossil fuel. © Daniel Beltrá / Greenpeace Africa 2017

      A giant slab of carbon-rich peat, discovered in central Africa, is under threat from uncontrolled development – posing a significant risk for future climate change, writes BBC Africa correspondent Andrew Harding.

      After 10 hours by car, another 10 by river in a dugout canoe, three hours hacking a path with machetes through thick tropical undergrowth, then another two wading and clambering through a sweltering forest swamp, the scientists were finally ready to begin work.

      Brushing away mud and mosquitos, they assembled a long, metal, corkscrew-like device, and thrust it deep into a patch of dark, water-logged earth.

      “Push. Again,” said Greta Dargie, the British scientist leading the group, as she and two Congolese colleagues twisted and pushed the rod further into the ground, then pulled out a half-metre cylinder of shiny black peat.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
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      They’re often shrouded in spooky fog. If a peat bog dries out, it can burn and send out whiffs of smoke for years. My great uncle’s peat bog burned for five years. I guess this is what influenced the Scots. “Hey, that stinks nice. Maybe we could mix it with booze.”

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      wait, I thought it was the amazon that was the lungs of humanity.

      well, they’re halfway through ravaging that, on to the next set of lungs, i guess.

      always a spare set of lungs for the rich, they’ll be harvesting yours next.

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