Congratulations to robocallers! They have made the world a quieter, less frantic and saner place.

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      I realized that I have rarely had the ringer on my phone turned on for months now, thanks to the volume of reminders for car warranties and the like.

      You know what?  I like it.  Once I would interrupt whatever I was doing to answer the phone, or run through the house to find where I’d set it down to answer it ringing.

      I’ve recently realized that it just doesn’t matter – if it’s an important call, they’ll leave a message.

      No irritating phone ringing in quiet time, or in the middle of something else, no interruptions in time with friends, and I haven’t missed anything major because of it.  I did have one very important call that I missed, but you know what?  They left a message, and I quickly got back in touch.

      Have others noticed a positive change in our phone behaviour?

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      when even that wasn’t enough to deal with the problem, I used the “Do Not Disturb” function within Google Voice so the phone doesn’t ring at all. Legitimate callers can always leave a message, of course.

      End result – I find I have to return an average of one legitimate phone call a week, and avoid at least 666 nuisance interruptions.

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      “If I don’t recognize the number, I won’t answer. If you don’t leave a message, I won’t return the call.”

      Most of the spammers hang up before it answers with the message.

      If I get repeat calls from the same number, I’ve been known to answer, “FBI! Consumer Fraud Division!”

      You can just about hear the phone being hung up at that point.

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      My voice mail message is auto-voice. The caller doesn’t know my name or gender because they don’t hear my voice. I’ve noticed since I’ve done that, spammers don’t leave a message. Maybe, because it’s a longer message, it gives the robocall more time to hang up. I also put my name on the “Do not call list.” That probably helped, too.

      On occasion, I’ll get a call that reads “Possible Spam” on my cell phone. Again, they don’t leave a message on my voicemail.

      I can’t remember the last time I received a spam or robo-call in my voicemail.

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      A lot of times I let it ring. But yeah the ringing is irritating. Not only do I receive the car warranty garbage but a now days it’s the do you want to sell your house? Annoying is right.

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      I’ve been doing the same thing, though my landline “base” will still ring even if my handset ringer is selected off. I’m a late riser and will be awakened if it rings. Anymore I just unplug the phone cord to the base unit and leave it unplugged unless I want to make a call, or am expecting a call. Spammers generally stop calling after 8 or 9 PM anyway.

      The calls are so frequent on some days that on more than a few times, no sooner do I plug the phone line in, the damn thing rings. I mean it: plug it in, and I take so much as 2 or 3 steps and it rings. Or it rings right exactly when I’m the middle of a deep train of thought, an activity requiring two hands, or my hands are dirty, or I just get inside from yardwork or whatever. A bad day would be 6 or 7 calls, a good day, though rare, is none or maybe one. My cell phone is just as bad.

      I only got one call about my vehicle warranty though. Most of them are realtors “looking to buy a house in your neighborhood….“. Christ on a cracker! What’s so special about my house? That and the fucking cops or their PBAs asking for donations.

      About the “I want to buy your house” thing; I get a shit-ton of junk mail from these people as well. Some of them kind of creep me out with a post card showing a photo of my house from the street. Yeah, I know it’s basically a carpet-bombing campaign of flippers fishing for steals, but I wouldn’t sell to any of those mooks if they offered me twice the assessed value…just for spite.

      I’ve been turning my cell to vibrate as well. So much more peaceful. I’ll find out about a text, email, or call….when I get around to checking for one.

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