Congress Should Ensure a Better Medicare

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      A low out-of-pocket cap in Medicare would save lives and help millions of lower and middle-income people with Medicare who are skipping needed care.

      A reasonable out-of-pocket cap would ensure that those over age-65 have meaningful access to three alternative choices. They could enroll in original Medicare with an out-of-pocket cap or Medigap or in a MA plan knowing their costs would be limited. People with complex conditions, people under 65 with disabilities, people who live in rural communities and people who move throughout the year, among others, often need optional choices. Adding an out-of-pocket cap to original Medicare would satisfy these needs.

      Giving people a meaningful choice of original Medicare has programmatic benefits as well as health benefits. Since its inception, Medicare Advantage has cost the Medicare Trust Fund significantly more per person than original Medicare. Medicare Advantage also drives up Part B premiums. Original Medicare is far more cost-effective.

      Adding an out-of-pocket cap to original Medicare can be a steppingstone toward addressing long-term care (LTC) services that can cost $15,000 a month today, much more by 2029. Over 61 million Americans use LTC services today.

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      In my case I already have something that works. I am low enough income that I am eligible for Medicaid to pick up what Medicare does not pay for. If they change the eligibility for Medicaid that will do the same thing in a lot of cases.


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      I believe the question Congress is debating is “are the wealthy deriving enough profit from Medicare?”

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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      This Congress, and this President, will do nothing unless some corporate donor is going to make a mint off of it or if they are literally in fear for their lives from an outraged populace.

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