Congressman Denny Heck Announces Retirement, Blames Lack of "Civility"

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    In his statement, Rep. Heck delivers a moderate’s swan song, hitting Trump for his “demonstrably very distant relationship with the truth” and lamenting the lack of “civility” in the discourse, the lack of compromise in Congress, the fact that “all or nothing is in,” and the general lack of nouns. “Success seems to be measured by how many Twitter followers one has which are largely gained by saying increasingly outrageous things, the more personal the better. There are simply too many hyperbolic adjectives and too few nouns,” Heck writes.

    He also ticks off some of his most memorable moments in Congress, including his effort to help complete the construction of a state road, sponsoring a bill that would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, advocating for YIMBYs, sponsoring bills to give Indian Country access to federal housing funding, and serving on the House Intelligence Committee, which this week handed over its recommendation to impeach the President. The last bill he got through the Senate, according to my inbox, was legislation that renamed the Tumwater Post Office after Eva G. Hewitt.

    Heck’s retirement is good news for Joshua Collins, a 26-year-old “socialist trucker,” according to Huffpost, who’s running on the Green New Deal. Collins’s policy prerogatives contrast greatly with Heck’s, which HuffPost summarizes:

    He repeatedly voted last year to weaken financial regulations, bolster military spending and ease restrictions on payday lenders. His record includes votes to ax rules protecting forests from logging, maintain fossil fuels’ advantage over renewables in federal research funding and speed up natural gas exports. He opposes “Medicare for All” and the Green New Deal.

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    Denny Heck was a Hillary stupidelegate in a district that went 76% for Bernie in the 2016 primary. He refused to back single payer healthcare, even when other Turd Way members of the WA delegation at least pretended to do so, despite the obvious will of the Bernie supporting majority of the district, and in an area where Scumcast has a monopoly (and is hated for it) Denny never said a word about Net Neutrality.

    Something tells me he ain’t gonna be missed very much. Good riddance to the piece of shit.

    I didn't refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because any goddamned Russian told me to. I refused to vote for her because she is a warmongering, election stealing, Goldman Sachs fellating, Republican WHORE. No offense to sex workers.

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    Denny, about that lack of civility, go fuck yourself, you worthless corporate ass face piece of human shit motherfucking scumbag whore.  How’s that dickhead?

    All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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    The Red Menace
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    Every time I see this guy, I think “when did we elect Nathan Lang to office?” Which is probably a severe disservice to Mr. Lang.

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    What the heck, Heck gets Heckled mouthfuls… :D


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    Good idea, Denny – get the Heck out of here…

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    Do they have enough time to force plant another corporate drone, or is Joshua’s path that open?  Collins has only raised $40,000, might be nice to give him a little Christmas gift.

    When the going gets tough, the tough help each other.

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    When he blames “lack of civility”,what he’s really saying is that nobody bows down to him anymore just because he has a title.They want to know what he has done besides suck the tears of a corporate cow,and they don’t like the answer.

    Here’s something civil for him:Good riddance.

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    When I lived in Wa. He was my congressman. When he ran like all neocons he ran as an environmentalist. I was the head of our Sierra Club chapter, so had our leadership meet with him at my house.  He talked about all the things he believed in and how much he cared about Puget Sound, We ended up telling the state chapter to endorse him. Then of course he gave us the big middle finger for the next 2 years. We refused to support him the next election and this caused the state chapter to about come unglued. They endorsed him but it had to be stated that we did not. The guy is an asshole!  We protested at his office a number of times.


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