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      Perhaps you’ve seen my review of Consumer Cellular on other web sites. I plan to post it
      on every site that allows it. My mission is make sure the world knows what kind of
      company Consumer Cellular is.

      Lied to me. Told me phone I ordered would ship right away and would work as soon
      as I “Set it up.” That was the phrase chat representative used. “Set it up.”
      To Consumer Cellular, set it up means follow these steps:

      1. Receive phone. Yeah, it did arrive in a couple days as representative promised.
      2. Look for charger.
      3. Come to realization that no charger is included in the package.
      4. Go to Samsung Customer Service web site. (Couldn’t call – Had no phone.)
      5. Get told charger is not included in package. Must be ordered separately.
      6. Order charger. Pay fee, even though you already paid $250 for phone.
      7. Wait a week for charger to get delivered.

      There might be more to “Set it up.” I don’t know because I have to wait several
      more days for charger.

      I’m sure if I talked to someone from Consumer Cellular, he would say, “Did the
      representative tell you a charger was included?”

      Me: “No. Didn’t think to ask.”

      Consumer Cellular: “Well there ya go, boy. You ain’t got no reason to complain.”

      In my book, the Consumer Cellular representative told a blatant lie. “All ya gotta do is set it up.”
      If nothing else, he could have warned me no charger was included. I wouldn’t have liked it,
      but at least I could have ordered it at same time as phone and gotten it sooner. Obviously, he
      was afraid I wouldn’t order the product if he explained what “Set it up” means.

      Consumer Cellular is a slimy, dishonest company. I will never forget this filthy, filthy trick
      they played on me. Nor will I forgive.

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      Apparently Apple thinks you have enough of them lying around, and they can save a few bucks.

      I’m not sure if it’s Consumer Cellular or the phone manufacturer, to be honest . . .

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      The thinking being that not including a charger is Green.

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