Cops being killed left & right!

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      In order to get what they want, cops routinely remind us of how much danger goes with the job. They want us to believe they are out there every day, facing down cold blooded killers who want to bludgeon and dismember our children. To drive home their message, they routinely promote articles like the one at the link, with headlines that shout, “Cops Sacrificing Their Lives to Guard Public!” and other such nonsense.

      We have to read the article carefully to discover where it says the most common causes of death are gunfire and car crashes, although it doesn’t tell us if shootings rank higher than car crashes. Considering the way many cops drive, my guess is car crashes would rank number one.

      And then we come to the very end of the piece, where we are reminded that some cops die by friendly fire, shot by fellow cops who are too scared or excited to control their fire.

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      Make around 100-140k a year.

      Their union is formidable.


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      listed the safest and the most dangerous jobs in America (by otj deaths and injuries) I don’t remember what was the safest, but “police officer” was #3, safer than “librarian” and “receptionist”. (there are reasons for this; officers are less likely to report less serious injuries. Also, police departments are “brass heavy” , in other words there are a lot of “desk jobs”) (also, the most common cause of death for an active duty police officer was “self inflicted gunshot wound while cleaning his firearm”)

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