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      A letter I sent to my state representative who is chair of the House health Care committee and not a huge single payer fan.

      British Columbia
      2,428 confirmed cases as of May 16, 2020
      141 deaths in BC

      Population 5,020,302
      Per capita cases: 0.048%
      Per capita deaths: 0.0028%

      WA State
      1001 Covid-19 related deaths
      18,433 confirmed cases

      Population 7,546,400
      Per capita cases: 0.24% (5X BC rate)
      Per capita deaths: 0.013% (46x BC rate)

      As a result of having single payer health care, British Columbia is suffering far less from the coronavirus that Washington State is. With unemployment rates surging to Great Depression levels, how can anyone possibly continue to favor connecting access to health care with employment status?

      In 2021, we have a long legislative session. Is this finally the year for state-level single payer?

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