Corporate Media Are Here to Warn You: Medicare for All Is a Very Bad Idea

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      Ignoring the many opinion polls showing widespread and increasing support for the plan, CNN (4/24/19) suggests “most Americans” do not want Medicare for All. The New York Times (10/19/18) told us, “Don’t get too excited about Medicare for All.” Evincing no sympathy for the tens of millions without any healthcare, it invited us to feel instead for the private doctors who would face a “cut in revenue” if the progressive plan were implemented. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8/21/18) described it as a “preposterous proposal,” while USA Today (9/20/17) claimed Bernie’s plan is “all wrong for America.”

      Invited on NBC’s Meet the Press (2/10/19), Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet argued it was a self-defeating notion, claiming what Democrats are really saying to the 180 million people who have private healthcare “and like it” is that they are going to take their beloved private insurance away from them. (Left unmentioned was the fact that 28 percent of people with employer-sponsored health insurance change plans every 12 months.)

      In an article headlined “The Fallacy of Medicare for All,” for instance, Fortune magazine’s Bill George (4/24/19) simultaneously argued that hospitals would be “swamped” with another 189 million customers, and that “half of all hospitals” would be forced to close. George is a Goldman Sachs executive who was formerly CEO of the private medical corporation Medtronic, and also sat on the board of pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

      More blatantly still, CNBC (4/16/19) allowed United Healthcare’s CEO David Wichmann to claim that Medicare for All would “destabilize the nation’s health system,” leading to a crisis and a “severe impact on the economy.” At no point did CNBC challenge him, or even mention the glaring conflict of interest Wichmann might have. Indeed, it bolstered his credibility, telling its readers that he “rarely discusses politics,” implying that this was an entirely good-faith warning.

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      If the MSM is against it then it’s almost certainly a good idea.

      Let’s look at what they are against:

      Medicare for all


      Taxes on wealth


      What are they for?

      Non stop tRump coverage.

      Apparently now, Non stop Biden coverage.

      Neither of the latter are the least bit good for any of us of course.

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