Correctional officers have been subpoenaed in the Jeffrey Epstein death investigation, a source says

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    Federal investigators in New York have issued grand jury subpoenas to a number of corrections officers at the jail where Jeffrey Epstein was being held before his suicide earlier this month, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.


    The subpoenas, which went out Friday to as many as 20 staffers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, represent a new and significant phase in what appears to be a criminal investigation into the workers responsible for Epstein’s detention. .snip


    On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr told reporters that the investigations were “well along” but had faced delays because many witnesses “were not cooperative” and had “required having union representatives and lawyers before we could schedule interviews.”


    Prosecutors had offered the corrections officers an opportunity to sit voluntarily for an interview, but the officers refused to do so without a form of immunity that would protect them from criminal exposure, the source with knowledge of the situation said.


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    The two people responsible for Epstein’s welfare and closest to a possible crime haven’t been questioned yet because they wear a uniform?  Have they questioned the nearby prisoners yet, or do they also have some super special status too?

    They don’t want to talk?  Charge them as accessories and/or with obstruction of justice, if in doubt I hear resisting arrest also works, and throw them in a cell.  That’s what they would do to anyone not wearing a uniform if they refused to cooperate and often even if they do cooperate.

    The only person ( temporary head of the federal prison system?) held to any standard and to, so far, pay any price for the incident was probably hundreds of miles away when the incident happened.

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    Most likely everyone is scared to talk.  I sincerely doubt we will ever know what happened.

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