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  • jdpriestly (5879 posts)
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    Could Democrats Block Supreme

    Court Nominees for the Entire Trump Term?

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  • Hobbit709 (2214 posts)
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    1. I doubt they have the guts to try.

    they stay so busy keeping their powder dry and taking things off the table for their corporate masters.

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  • Herman4747 (1347 posts)
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    2. Excellent Question. We shall see.

  • cascadiance (2182 posts)
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    3. We could filibuster them perpetually…

    REPUBLICANS started this when they basically stopped having ANY hearings on Obama’s appointment for the last year.  I think that action gives the Democrats license to do the same thing equivalently to block any appointments by Trump in the SAME FASHION!!!

    If they can be blockers and be rewarded for doing so, then so can Democrats!  Now the Republicans might decide to go nuclear and turn off the filibuster if we do that, but that then WILL be an election issue in 2018, especially if they f up the economy and other things before then.  Those that voted to get rid of the filibuster will then be called out for doing so to get them voted out of office in 2018.

    It will perhaps hurt those in states where their virtual “regional” supreme court that currently makes decisions when the current Supreme Court can’t support us progressives, but for those of us in regions where we have a more progressive “high court” other than the Supremes, we can perhaps escalate issues for our regional “supreme court” to make while these SCOTUS positions go unfilled.  Just need to make sure that Ruth Ginsberg and other progressive members of SCOTUS stay healthy and live through the next four years on the court!

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  • daleanime (2098 posts)
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    4. Not could, it's should…..

    problem is they won’t even try, if a ‘democratic’ block last half as long as this republican one it would be shocking.

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  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    5. Did they block John Roberts and Sam Alito in the day? Enough said.

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