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      Earlier this year, Outpost24 surveyed 155 IT professionals during the RSA Conference in San Francisco and found that 71 per cent were quite sure they could successfully hack any organisation via social engineering, insecure web apps, mobile devices or a public cloud. The other 29 per cent correctly pretended that they couldn’t.

      All this comes as the result of self-conflict. We keep thinking up better methods of keeping data secure. But security makes the data awkward to access so we invent ways of circumventing it. Then we have to brick up the circumventions with more layers of security. This eventually gets so annoying to sidestep that we give up on the workarounds altogether and demand instant backdoors instead.

      And if you thought fighting off security breaches were already a pain in the arse, just wait until a government opens your backdoor.

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      And the changes made were done to fight overt criminals not covert criminals like the US government.

      For the overt criminals, all recommendations said to ditch social media completely.

      The reason is simple; people share so much personal information about themselves, the overt criminals have a goldmine of associations (social engineering) which can be used to hack ones other accounts like credit cards, investment funds and banks.

      One can only speculate, and rightly so, that the US government knows much, much more.

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      Unreal, just unreal. Remember folks, it is Google who controls your Android Cell Phone and Apple is only somewhat better. It comes down to who you want to sell your soul to.

      The author of the story has it matter correct when he states, “I want to be your backdoor man!”

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      And “No More Govt. Over-reach Around” too!

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      Anyone hacking your google account or google servers can get usernames and passwords used on all the sites clients surf including saved credit card numbers. Google also compiles with the government and at times works directly with them.




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