Council Bluffs students hold walkout over transgender student seeking to use women\'s bathroom

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      About 60 Abraham Lincoln High School students left the classroom Thursday morning in a walkout in which groups showed opposition — and support — for a transgender student who identifies as female and wishes to use the women’s bathroom at school.

      The students split into two groups at 10:30 a.m. outside the main entrance.

      One group, which supported the student, walked up the hill near the track, while the second, opposing group remained near the entrance.

      The first group could be heard chanting “equality,” while the second chanted “We want our privacy, he is a male,” and “One over all is not fair.”

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      Transgender students need special accommodations. They do not need to use the girls’ bathrooms and showers. Yeah, I know being consigned to a staff bathroom or showering separately makes them feel bad. They cannot just “get over it.” But the girls cannot “just get over it” when someone with male genitalia walks into their shower room. Telling them they have to learn tolerance and acceptance is bizarre.

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      What am I missing? Women have been using the men’s room for decades when at large stadium events and the womens room line is too long. How is having a trans person using the girls room a threat to young women? There are doors on the stalls right?

      Do they shower together? I don’t know…

      I don’t think you can force change on people but accommodations do need to be made. I think people who are conservative are challenged by sex in every way.

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        I am not conservative by any means.  I work in the school system with students from grade six to grade twelve.  I am totally opposed to allowing transgender students to use the rest rooms/showers/locker rooms meant for the use of those of the opposite phsiological sex.

        Trans gender is not trans sex.  Being trans gender does not change the physiological reality.  Unless one goes through the surgical and hormonal process of becoming the opposite physiological sex,  then is still physiologically the sex one was born as, despite the mental, emotional, other reasons for believing ones self to be trans.  (And no ethical team of doctors and health professionals would ever perform those procedures on someone under the age of eighteen.)

        Those students who are not trans have the right to the relative privacy of same sex rest rooms/locker rooms.  Transgenders who are uncomfortable using the rest rooms/locker rooms of their biological sex should have accommodations made for them.   However, those accommodations should not infringe on the rights of the rest of the student body.

        In my school district, a transgender boy insisted on using the boys room despite having accommodations made for him to use separate bathrooms (for use of both sexes).  He sued and won thus far (he has since graduated.  My personal feeling is that this was a big mistake.  Kids in middle and high school are very vulnerable and do not need the added stress of dealing with students of the opposite sex viewing them naked or semi naked.

        ‘In general terms, “<b>sex</b>” refers to the biological <b>differences between</b> males and females, such as the genitalia and genetic <b>differences</b>. “<b>Gender</b>” is more difficult to define, but it can refer to the role of a male or female in society, known as a <b>gender</b> role, or an individual’s concept of themselves, or <b>gender</b> identity. Feb 7, 2018′

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      Unisex bathrooms. Problem solved. Showers in gyms need privacy screens/curtains/doors for all.

      Note: When I used to attend the SF Opera (way back when I had money to do so) I, and a few others, used to hit the men’s toilets. We (and the men) were in and out while the women’s line was still snaked around the corner.

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