Couple wakes up to find strange dog sleeping with them in their bed

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      POLK COUNTY, Tenn. — Imagine waking up in your bed in the morning to find out the dog you’ve been snuggling with isn’t yours. That’s exactly what happened to one Tennessee woman.


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      I heard a scratching/tapping at the front door, so I went down the hall way to the front porch to see what was what.

      A big old good fellow of a dog greeted me. I figured he might be asking for water, it was summer, so I filled up a cake bowl with it and he lapped that up.

      I patted him, and checked his collar for tags, he had lots of them as back then the dog biscuit companies would mail them to you in exchange for box tops.

      He lived a few blocks away, and I thought maybe he was a “yard dog” who got out and was lost. I put a leash on him, and he was in no hurry to head home so we strolled while sniffed everything, and now fully reloaded he left his mark here and there. We eventually got to his very large yard, which wasn’t fenced in, and I took him off the leash and he trotted over to his boy who was playing.

      Dogs felt like part of the neighborhood.

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      They had this on the news. No real explanation of how the dog left its house, walked a mile or so from home, got in without upsetting the three resident dogs, etc. Cats do this all the time, but dogs not so much.

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