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      Many of the homeless in Los Angeles came from out of state. This is not an excuse for the way the homeless are treated in Southern California. It is a testament to a national problem, namely with government and other powers that be who say, “I got mine, fuck-you!”

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      The word is pronounced “Khrush-chov-ki”  as in the millions of apartments that Nikita Khruschev had built in the Soviet Union to house people after the Nazis razed almost a third of the country.

      I lived for a few months in a Khrushchevka in Kerch in the eastern Crimea.  They were a big improvement on “communalkas”, which was where a family had a room of their own, but shared a common area kitchen and bathroom with 3 or 4 other families.  In the khrushchevka, a family had their own bathroom and kitchen, a living room, and maybe a bedroom.  They were around 300 -400 square feet, a bit less the same amount of square footage that one person would get in the typical American suburban home.  Yes, having your extended family share what would be an American den makes for a crowded situation, but they took care of the homeless problem.

      Sergey will give you a tour of a typical khrushchevka here:

      Given the number of ugly buildings that one sees at the generic strip mall, a khrushchevka couldn’t make it look any worse.

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      But the living room was a little bigger.

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