Covid-19 origin debate confuses me.

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      I’m not sure if I should hope the virus originated in an animal market or a lab. The right wing media seem intent on promoting the lab origin because it holds the promise of blaming Fauci for possibly being connected. Too bad. I kind of like the lab thing because of the Frankenstein aspect of it.

      Gain-of-function research: Evidence mounts (

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      Fort Detrick

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        The contortions involved in obscuring this are remarkable.  IMO, etc.  And no one, IMO, has access to whatever the truth is.  No one who opines about it on the internet, anyway.  Also, again IMO, there is absolutely no reason to give credence to anything Fauci says, no reason at all.  Fauci worked on, and funded in China, gain of function research.  He should actually be recused.  Already proven a liar about the masks, noble lie my ass, and therefor, to me, anything he says has to be weighed on that scale.  Not worth the guesswork.  I think Fauci’s greatest value was that he bad-mouthed Trump.

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      China isn’t going to admit to that. China isn’t going to compensate the world for that.

      China probably won’t stop work in the area of biological weapons anymore than the US would.

      It’s out and about. The problem at hand is in adapting our way life to live with its presence.

      The problem of starting a war with China to ‘hold them accountable’ is one we can choose to avoid.

      Ending the pandemic needs a shot in the arm.


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      B Calm
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      comfortable thinking the virus originated in a lab.  The idea of wild animals spreading the virus scares the shit out of me!  More emphasis on ending the deadly virus seems more productive than trying to blame Dr. Fauci.

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      The Chinese & Americans involved just want this to go away since both are culpable.

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      David the Gnome
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      There is “evidence” of either theory sufficient enough to lead one to a conclusion.  The verification of the the truth is rather elusive though.

      As far as I am concerned, there are too many coincidences for it to be a completely natural occurrence.  Some years back, before covid19, Fauci was testifying before Congress.  In this testimony he explained that a virus (a coronavirus if I remember correctly) had been taken from a bat and put into an aerosolized form.  This form was then far more infectious (potentially) to humans.

      At least at the time, Fauci was an advocate of “dual purpose”, or, aka, “gain of function” research.

      The lab in Wuhan, the work being done by a leading scientist there – Dr. Shi, is further… Coincidental, perhaps.  Shi was working with bats and coronaviruses, experimenting to determine how they transmitted or might transmit, between different species – and how they might affect humans.

      There are various other bits and pieces – including the Fort Detrick theory… But I suspect…

      I suspect it was an accident.  An experiment went wrong and the virus escaped a lab, perhaps in Wuhan, perhaps somewhere else.

      My greater concern is what that may imply for the future.  Imagine a group of fanatics getting their hands on a far worse virus.  Imagine that they could manipulate it…

      In the fullness of time, they likely can and will do so.  Vaccines will not be enough.  We are ultimately going to have to advance medicine much faster.  Nanomedicine is probably our best bet.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      It’s out. It’s worldwide. There is no escape from it. It’s already mutated at least once, and will do so again. It’s becoming endemic, just like the common cold and the plethora of influenza viruses, which means it’s just something that we’re going to have to learn to live with.

      It’s not even that serious of a thing compared to historical plagues, for which we should thank our lucky stars. What it has done is to expose the utter failure of for-profit health care systems and, in very fundamental ways, of capitalism itself.

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      The purpose of this piece of propaganda is to blame China, and attempt to relieve the US of responsibility:

      “For Dazek, Fauci and the NIH, the problem may not have been in their intention to develop a vaccine through GOF research, but rather in naively trusting a closed, authoritarian government to do the right thing,  once the virus had escaped and infected human beings.”

      There are many ridiculous assumptions buried in that garbage.

      One of them is just accepting without question that any benefits have ever materialized from this research, which has never happened even once.

      Another is the unspoken assertion that the ‘open’ system of the United States always ‘does the right thing’.

      I read in an article that I can’t find now, that the construction of the virology institute in Wuhan, was financed in part by the US and some European countries.

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