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Home Groups Music Groups – Crowded House live at the Sydney Opera House….

  • Violet Crumble (59 posts)
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    Crowded House live at the Sydney Opera House….

    I nearly didn’t go coz I’m cynical of reunion tours, but my daughter, who was a toddler when Crowded House called it a day, wanted to go, and Crowded House are special, so I agreed and so glad that I did. While I’ve been to shows inside the Opera House, I’d never been to anything on the Forecourt, and you can’t beat sitting there with views of Sydney Harbour on both sides and the Opera House behind you. And I’ve never been to anything where me and most of the audience knows the words of every single song. It sucked that Paul Hester is no longer here and it’s not the same Crowded House I loved when I was much younger, but I reckon they did him justice and it was a great show…




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  • pacalo (170 posts)
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    1. Beautiful — especially the guitars.

    It inspired me to go look up one of my favorites by them from the 1980’s:

    Good to see you, VC!


    • Violet Crumble (59 posts)
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      2. Hey Pac! So many of my DU faves are here!

      Good to see you too! Don’t Dream It’s Over is one of my favourite Crowded House songs…

      If anyone can get to it without being geoblocked, they’re livestreaming tonight’s show in just under two hours from now


      and also on Facebook (apparently not geoblocked) https://www.facebook.com/ABCTV/

      And here’s a much younger band and audience from 20 years ago to the day at the same spot doing their farewell show…