Cruise industry can’t use the stimulus because they aren’t American companies — but White House says they want to make an exception.

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    One of the industries seeking a bailout amid the coronavirus pandemic is the cruise industry — tourism has crashed as the disaster has unfolded, particularly after the disastrous and well-publicized incidents of cruise passengers being quarantined on their own ships.

    But the cruise industry would be an odd choice for a bailout for a simple reason: Most of these companies are not American. Even most of the cruise lines that target American tourists typically register their ships in foreign ports and employ mainly foreign workers, to avoid U.S. tax, labor, and environmental laws.

    And indeed, according to CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche, this could make bailing out the industry difficult, because the stimulus programs are not targeted at offshore entities. But the administration has nonetheless reportedly promised that a “bipartisan Senate group” is working on carving out an exception for them.

    Just when I think I’m being overly cynical; some shit comes along to prove me wrong.

    Slavery was the legal fiction that people can be property.
    Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

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    Radigan paints the true picture of the rapacious fed govt and its millionaires.

    Just waiting to buy up all the real estate that comes loose as average Americans fail to make mortgage payments.

    And Americans don’t have the balls to don yellow vests. We’re largely sheep that are comforted by the occasional pat on the head and a slew of new shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Oh and this month’s new IPhone!  Ooooo! Can’t wait to drop the week’s grocery money on a new gadget so they can see their starving grandma in an understaffed nursing home.

    We the people are owned lock, stock and barrel. Wish the fuck I could Amerexit!

    And since the workers of this country are getting dog-shit anyway, why not a nationwide strike?

    Clean your own mansions.

    Take care of your own kids.

    Learn how a kitchen works…they were made for preparing food. Sorry, restaurants will be closed til further notice.

    Mow your own lawn.

    Wash your fucking limo yourself.

    Uh oh! Septic system overflowing? Sorry. Can’t help.

    Dry clean your own high end clothing. No ticky, no laundly.

    Don’t have a dog unless you plan to walk it yourself. Oooo. Too much work?

    Oh stop me. I could go on for pages…

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    A Simple Game
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    This may last for quite awhile, it would be best to save our money for necessities not luxuries.  Other than the few Americans that make a living from the cruise ship industry who really needs to take a cruise?  Scrap them and use the metal for something useful.

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    NV Wino
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    They don’t pay taxes. They don’t adhere to American regulations. Therefore, they get no American bailout money. Scrap those horrendous Petri dishes. They’re a blight on the seascape.

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    Wanna bet they funnel money into political campaigns?

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    They are rich and will fuck over American workers any chance they get.  Can’t that qualify them for an honorary incorporation in Delaware?

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