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  • Omaha Steve (1245 posts)
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    Crying towel: Allergic reaction, freeze busted 5 pipes, gas leak last night more

    A week ago tonight at dinner time I realized I have having a reaction to an antibiotic. Because the wind chill was over 30 below I decided not to go to emergency. It was a close call.

    Had Marta taken me in, we would not have been here when the water fall in the lower floors started showing up. It missed by inches taking out the new furnace by shorting the power in. Didn’t hurt the hot water heater. Just missed the hub for the furnace, heat & carbon monoxide detectors, the cable phone modem, and the home security panel. Water went down the back of our 200 amp power panel but didn’t get in it.

    We are insured. Dry wall and tile removed, fans and dehumidifiers done Thursday.

    Ran a new three inch heating duct into the dead space between the interior walls where the pipes are. We will be installing wifi-thermometers/moisture detectors with set points to warn long before 32 degrees.

    The plumber got 1/3 of the house water Monday.

    The entire house water is working as of late yesterday afternoon. He had to wait on the moisture mitigation. He found what caused the freeze. Temp repair coming on Monday thanks to the holiday. Even though our contractor (supplied by insurance) could have been forced to do it ASAP, we decided against it. All the guys were great to us this week and have kids.

    We had a hot and cold water break where the pipes went through a stud. The last leak was the hardest. Had to pull a corner stool. He was working between a tile shower he didn’t want to touch, an interior fireplace flue across from that, built in bookcase on the far side. He has a bad back and replaced hip. He managed to just reach the last one. He was twisted like a pretzel. Had just enough room to cut the pipe thanks to the space behind the flue, hold the torch and solder while I stood behind him with our fire extinguisher.

    As he was at the door to leave I was in the laundry room and started to hear running water. PANIC. Then I realized the humidifier had just kicked in and it was going down the drain.

    Then last night about 10:30 I smelled gas when I walked by the furnace. I asked Marta to confirm it. She did. Dialed the 800 emergency smell gas number. We were told get out of the house. We sat in Marta’s car with the dogs. A neighbor came over to offer shelter in his place. Because of our dogs we turned him down.

    Since the streets were bad, it took awhile for the gas man to get here. He confirmed a small leak in a union installed back in August. The gas man is not allowed to repair inside a home. Once he confirmed our repair guy was on the way, he turned off the gas line and left.

    Our contractor that was here to put in the new duct Thursday (and furnace/AC in August) sent a repairman. Streets were still (still are) bad. It was an unusual leak for new equipment. Turn the gas on and check the furnace. He left around 1:15. No charge.

    Dense fog advisory (till 1 PM) and bad streets today. Storm & flood warnings for tomorrow with 60 MPH winds.

    Merry Christmas

    Steve & Marta

    Powerful Christmas Day storm could bring record rainfall to Midlands; OPPD crews are on alert

    By Jay Withrow and Nancy Gaarder / World-Herald staff writers Updated 7 hrs ago

    A record amount of atmospheric moisture is forecast to flow into the region Sunday, as a powerful Christmas Day storm bullies its way across the country.

    Blizzard conditions are forecast in northern states, notably in much of the Dakotas, while the rest of the central U.S. is likely to experience severe storms with damaging winds, flooding rain and possibly some hail. A few isolated tornadoes, particularly in eastern Kansas, can’t be ruled out, forecasters said.

    AccuWeather, The World-Herald’s weather consultant, warned that the weather could delay flights in and out of some airports Sunday and Monday. Travelers are advised to monitor their flights and, if driving, weather forecasts.

    Becky Kern, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said forecasters are concerned about damaging winds and flooding in the Midlands.

    FULL story:http://www.omaha.com/news/metro/powerful-christmas-day-storm-could-bring-record-rainfall-to-midlands/article_f546b9e2-c8f8-11e6-8095-fb6a35e18da2.html

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12 replies
  • StupidRedhead (2243 posts)
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    1. So sorry to hear of your holiday trials and tribulations

    Makes my story of the dog eating half of my Christmas cookies seem petty.

  • oldandhappy (4104 posts)
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    2. Mercy!

    That is way tooooo much entertainment, O.S.  Grateful for all the people helping you.  Hope the next two days are peaceful and all repairs are finished in the coming week.  I think you all are getting weather.  Stay warm and safe.

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  • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    4. Glad you caught things before they got worse. Trouble always seems to

    come in bunches, at the worst times (like storms and blizzards) — after the night, the morning.

    Best holiday wishes to you and yours

  • goodgirl (2180 posts)
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    5. So sorry!


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  • 7wo7rees (340 posts)
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    6. Wow! When it rains…. You know the rest.

    Sending good vibes and best wishes to you and Marta. Puts our little problem in perspective. A switch got stuck on our heat and only way to stop it was by flipping breaker off. Since temps are mild I told repairman we could wait, far more important for him to spend time with his loved ones.

    Take care. Merry Xmas to you all. Peace

  • glinda (2332 posts)
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    7. There is some luck in that tail. Holy cow! Sorry for all that you went through.

    Animals know more than we do. - Native American proverb
  • leftcoastmountains (3306 posts)
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    8. Wow what a bunch of crap! That is not fun! I've had the lower room faucet

    bust off the pipe due to freezing with water pouring in and had to turn off water to house. I finally tightened everything

    up and installed a wall furnace down there a year or so ago.  So far so good. Been sick for the past week though. I haven’t

    been this sick in a long time. Had to put off visiting my 96 year old dad for another week. He doesn’t need my cold.

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  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    9. Wow! That's a lot. Please stay safe and warm in that bitter cold weather.


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  • GoodWitch (956 posts)
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    10. What a set of awful events!

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, Steve. I hope you and Marta manage to have a warm, dry, safe Christmas. Love, peace and good vibes to you both.


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  • bbgrunt (275 posts)
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    11. yikes! you need more than a towel.

    I hope things settle down fast.

  • Marym625 (28368 posts)
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    12. Holy shit Wizard!

    I would have just been in tears!

    I know it’s good you were home but an allergic reaction is nothing to sneeze at. :lol: If it happens again, go to the ER. We need you!

    Merry Christmas to you and Marta and all the little Steves and Martas.


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