Crypto Protocol Publicly Announces Flaw, Users Relentlessly Owned by Hackers

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      Multichain did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Marcel said he passed the message to the company’s “response team” in China, who would respond when they wake up.

      Meanwhile, more hackers have joined the heist, with more than $1 million stolen since Wednesday afternoon for a total of roughly $3 million, according to Tal Be’ery, a cybersecurity researcher who has been monitoring the hack.

      In a bizarre twist, one of the victims of the hack, who lost around $1 million, is trying to negotiate with the second hacker who posted a message on the blockchain, offering a reward if the hacker gives back the money, also on the blockchain.

      “First and foremost thanks for getting the weth. I was not aware of the hack and realized the situation only because the wealth never arrived in my wallet after the cowswap transaction,” the victim wrote in a message spotted by Be’ery, who is chief technology officer of ZenGo, a crypto wallet app. “Considering the amount at stake, would you accept 50 eth as a fair tip?”

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      I didn’t learn anything about what is Multichain, how it functions, and what is the protocol flaw.


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