Cuba boosts its immunization campaign with the support of Chinese vaccines

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      In seven out of the eight Cienfuegos’ municipalities, hundreds of immunization centers were set up to immunize all the residents who are over 19 years old.

      “We were waiting for this news with anxious anticipation. Everything was organized quickly by local authorities, medical staff, and social workers. If everything goes well, in the first days of October, almost 74 percent of our population will be immunized against the virus,” said Oskeimy Rodríguez, a health official in the province.

      For pharmaceutical scientist Dagmar García, this is not a clinical trial but a new vaccination strategy to prompt people’s immunity. This decision, which took place amid an unprecedented economic crisis caused by the US blockade against Cuba that includes placing impediments for the island to access materials needed to produce and deliver the vaccines, fills people with confidence.

      The Chinese vaccine is the third most widely used immunogen worldwide. The decision to combine it with Soberana Plus resulted from weeks of research and reviews by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health which concluded that the efficacy of the vaccine combo is above 90%.

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