cults in 2020

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      of course the cult of trump is the largest and most dangerous force in the 2020 election, but are there others?

      is kirsten gillebrand associated with nxvim? i don’t know, but i think that a competent medical authority like the surgeon general or dr oz needs to examine every square inch of her body and, if the “KR” brand (that is right, like cattle) is found anywhere on her body let us know so that we can eliminate her from consideration. actually, i don’t see too much in gillebrand’s record to recommend her for higher office. or even for the office she now holds.

      ideologically more appealing, tulsi gabbard is frequently associated with krishna consciousness. i don’t know if this is true, but it does warrent a “caution” to her supporters. at the very least, it will be used against her by the repubs.,6823/

      the recent death of perrenial candidate lyndon larouche removes one cult leader from the slate. but that does not mean that his followers have dispersed or have given up their political dreams.

      most mormons are republican and, unless mitt romney is a lare entry, will probably support trump.

      of course, many candidates probably adhere, to some extent to various christian subcultures. whether you consider any or all of these to be cults is open to discussion.

      several politicians are known to be followers of rev moon, but i don’t know that they are running in 2020.

      i would not be surprised to hear about a scientology candidte in the future. cruise 2024?





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