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      Many people fail to realize how ridiculous they appear when they take offense, or pretend to be offended, by everything anyone says or does. James Cordon makes fun of certain Asian foods as “disgusting” and this disgusts some Asians, many of whom are demanding he end the recurring segment he calls Spill Your Guts. As far as I can tell, Cordon has made fun of chicken feet, 100 year old eggs, bird nest soup, and a couple other Asian delights. I wish I had a complete list of the foods he presents as disgusting because I have a hunch there are many non-Asian dishes in the mix. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. “Making fun of what I eat is degrading my culture, you bigot!” Really? My ancestors were from Norway and we bear up OK when lutefisk is subjected to nearly constant ridicule. And it is culturally significant, a big part of winter holiday (Christmas) celebrations, so it’s not just some weird snack found in the Ikea food section. It’s codfish that has been severely mistreated, then boiled, yielding a gelatinous mass that looks like slug slime. I just hope I don’t read that Norwegians are demanding and end to lutefisk jokes.

      James Corden pressured to end ‘incredibly culturally offensive’ segment ‘Spill Your Guts’ (

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      NV Wino
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      I think they should be made fun of. 🐓

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      but Garrison Keillor has made ridiculing Norwegians classic American culture.

      Now pass the surstromming.

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      I wonder how many Asians actually signed that petition.  Heck, a lot of us make fun of what we eat.  It’s not as if the guy was advocating asocena, or meat from Karni Mata.  I really don’t see the point of this, other than unappreciated white knighting that is more annoying than anything else.

      Me being Asian would eat most of the things mentioned there.  Even so, I am more than willing to make fun of it, much as many others I know.

      Where is that petition?

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      Scott Crowder
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      Just hang your heads in shame.

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      And many find it disgusting.

      That would be “cheese” to Europeans. Something I’m quite fond of.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Some of their descendants still do. Scots, and I’m 45% Scottish according to Ancestry DNA, still eat haggis, which I tried once and found absolutely disgusting. No, it was exactly as disgusting as menudo, and some Latinos, and Anglos!, actually like that chewy garbage.

      OTOH, I like hot dogs, and we all know what goes into those things. Plus I had dog-ka-bob once in Korea, and liked it so much I had seconds. Ever since then sometimes I wonder how some annoying neighborhood dog would taste if it was properly marinated, slow-cooked, and skewered.

      IMHO. And that’s all taste in food is–opinion, taste. It’s not an attack on someone’s culture to say one doesn’t like some food associated with that culture, or does like some food prohibited by that culture. And, well, I’m a social libertarian, and that’s just how I see this. If someone doesn’t like the same food you do, then don’t eat with them. It’s not that hard.

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