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      Wanted to share this channel which is aimed primarily at med students and medical professionals — I am neither of those but studied a lot of biology when I thought I should be pre-med.  I don’t understand every single term but he explains things extremely well. Very level headed and carefully presented studies and data.  He always cites the limitations of a study such as sample size.   Channel has been up for years but the Covid19 lectures are numbered and named with the topics they cover.

      If you go back to prior lectures you will see him talk about the things that healthcare professionals are doing for themselves since they are at high risk of exposure. For example one thing that some may be doing is getting a new TB shot because it elevates the body’s response to any new virus.

      Most are fascinating and informative and yesterday’s lecture on fever and elevated body temps suggests another tool that can be used to limit the virus’s progress. Also fits with the French advice against knocking down fevers unless they are 103+.

      Spotted Dr Fauci’s name on one of the older studies that Dr Seheult presented yesterday in that video.

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