Danish justice system rocked by flawed phone location evidence

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    Judi Lynn
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    11 SEP 2019

    The use of mobile phone location data to solve crimes has come under scrutiny in Denmark after a glitch that has thrown thousands of cases into question and led to the release of more than 30 detainees.

    Some 10,700 cases since 2012 are now up for review, after questions have arisen over the reliability of location data, or geolocation, from phone operators.

    Similar glitches have wreaked havoc in households in the United States and South Africa that have been wrongly identified as the locations of a raft of crimes, according to media reports.

    Danish police started looking into the issue when they found a bug in a piece of software that converts data from mobile towers to make it usable for police — which caused the omission of important information.


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