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  • Gallagher (535 posts)
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    David Brock Apologizes to Bernie and His Supporters and Seeks Alliance

    I don’t know what to do here…should I :rofl: or should I :puke: ? Probably both.

    “At times during the Democratic primary, I was criticized for being too aggressive in my support for Secretary Clinton — and rightly so. Looking back, I recognize that there were a few moments when my drive to put Hillary in the White House led me to take too stiff a jab. I own up to that, I regret it, and I apologize to you and your supporters for it.

    Senator Sanders: your candidacy electrified millions. From students to working class families, you inspired Americans to be more engaged in the political process.
    Throughout your life of advocacy and career in public service, you have been a leader on some of the same issues to which I’ve devoted my professional life. You were one of the first to identify and call for media reform. That leadership has included calling out the corporate media for refusing to cover climate change, something my organization Media Matters has extensively exposed.
    We need you to continue to be the voice of reason in a world that has been spun out of control.
    You have consistently devoted yourself to ensuring a fair and free press. In your House days, I remember you being one of very few to attend a Congressional hearing about the fairness doctrine where, despite a mostly empty room, you posed thoughtful and penetrating questions. You introduced a bill to restore that doctrine, to guard against wildly biased and inaccurate media outlets. And how prescient that concern was. In this past election, we saw the media abdicate its vital public mission, cynically fueling Trump’s candidacy for money and ratings.

    More:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/1/10/1618962/-Clinton-PAC-Leader-David-Brock-Apologizes-to-Bernie-and-Supporters-and-Seeks-Alliance

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    • Flygirl (3018 posts)
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      1. Fuck that little smarmy asshole!

      According to the DNC I am a Wife of a Taco Bowl Member!
    • azurnoir (2016 posts)
      Profile photo of azurnoir Donor

      2. Bernie-wan you're our only hope

      puleez too little too late

    • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
      Profile photo of Manny Goldstein Admin

      3. LOL!

      It means we’re taking a serious chunk out of ’em.

      DINOs jump from Third Way Ship

      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair
    • goodgirl (2180 posts)
      Profile photo of goodgirl Donor

      4. He is seriously messed up.

      And he will do anything to appear relevant.

      Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
    • Xyzse (3317 posts)
      Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

      5. I am reading through. I appreciate the letter of apology and seeking alliance.

      I don’t have a problem with this, and I am more than willing to work with any one for progress.

      If written in good faith, again, I am willing to work with that.

      Matters as it stands, Senator Sanders has already taken the lead.  In:

      Let’s focus on our areas of agreement. Now is not the time for factionism. The real dividing line going forward in our party is not about ideological direction. It’s the question of whether to resist and oppose, or accommodate and appease.

      I don’t trust him, and actions will speak louder than words.  He did not need to make such a public letter of apology, so I will not disparage him for doing so, but again, the problem is not the words, or political stances, it has always been action.

      As long as they do not expect people to just fall in line and do whatever they want.  That ship has sailed.

      Since I can only agree with this.  However, again, this requires matters to be in good faith, and seeking to operate in a more open and candid manner.   So, consider me cautiously optimistic.  It is not as if I would go against something if I consider it as a positive development.  I take silver linings where I can.  If this is a first step towards reconciliation, and a way to get the democratic party to actually fight for the people rather than the corporations, then I’ll work with it.

      • grasswire (241 posts)
        Profile photo of grasswire

        21. you must not know this man's history

        He is a shape shifter, trying to attach to Bernie’s coat tails, recognizing that Bernie is the most powerful non-conservative in American politics.

        He is totally untrustworthy and merely a propagandist and opportunist.

        It looks to me as if Hillary is cutting him loose.

        • Xyzse (3317 posts)
          Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

          26. I understand this, and don't trust him one bit.

          However, I do not wish to insult someone who is apologizing.  In many ways, this letter of his is already better than many of the reactions that the Democratic Leadership has done.  Due to that, if it affects any change within the party, then I find that a positive.

          It does not mean I will do what he says, nor does me accepting an apology mean that everything is alright.

          An olive branch was raised, that’s all there is to it.  I can listen to what they say, and then decide my actions accordingly.  If it is all just talk, which is probably what it is, then not much has changed.  I move forward.

          • Silver Witch (5955 posts)
            Profile photo of Silver Witch Donor

            28. Olive branches should always be accepted. It is true.

            We can be cautious though as you suggest.  Actions speak louder than words.

            Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost~John Quincy Adams  
            • Xyzse (3317 posts)
              Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

              31. Exactly.

              Does not mean I trust that dude, at all.

            • tk2kewl (1971 posts)
              Profile photo of tk2kewl Donor

              43. Grab the olive branch and use it as switch on his sorry ass

              • Silver Witch (5955 posts)
                Profile photo of Silver Witch Donor

                44. Now you are showing your age.

                Do millennials even know how switches are used?   Good idea though!

                Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost~John Quincy Adams  
      • StupidRedhead (2243 posts)
        Profile photo of StupidRedhead Banned

        25. David Brocks loyalties change with the damn wind

        Why would Sanders allow someone with Brocks reputation have anything to do with the little reptile? He can not corrupt Bernie – nor would Senator Sanders endorse or utilize David Brock’s methods of campaigning. Sander’s would never take advice from  a creature that slithers around on his belly.

        • Xyzse (3317 posts)
          Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

          27. I agree with this as well.

          However, that does not mean I can not listen to what they are saying and decide my actions afterwards accordingly.

          I am sure Senator Sanders will do what he thinks is best, and it is not as if he bends on his ideals to begin with.  Still, he does comport himself with civility, and I intend to do the same.

          • StupidRedhead (2243 posts)
            Profile photo of StupidRedhead Banned

            30. Well color me cynical, but I'm beyond trust whe it comes to so-called Democrats

            I don’t have any time to listen to what  snakes in the grass have to say.

            • Xyzse (3317 posts)
              Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

              32. I can understand, and respect your decision to do so.

              I just merely think it important to find common ground wherever I can, while keeping my eyes open as much as possible.

              Part of moving forward to me, means still having to work with others, painful as it may be.

              Again, I don’t trust the guy, nor the Democratic party leadership, but there are still many Democrats out there that are fighting for issues that I care about, and if I can work with them in some things, then I will support what I can.

              I can only control my own actions, not theirs.

              • StupidRedhead (2243 posts)
                Profile photo of StupidRedhead Banned

                34. I'm moving forward. I'm just not moving forward with the Democratic Party

                as long as there’s one republican lite, 3rd way- neo liberal member I’m done with them. As I said Brock is not a progressive, liberal or Democrat. He’s a slimy opportunist.  Bernie Sanders and real progressives do not need David Brock or his ilk. Listen to what he has to say at your own peril.

                • Xyzse (3317 posts)
                  Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

                  35. Warning noted, and thank you.

      • area woman (5467 posts)
        Profile photo of area woman Admin

        46. It's a non-apology apology – not nearly enough to make up for what he did.

        He’s a despicable man who’s fighting to stay relevant.

        I'm so cute I shit kittens.
        • Xyzse (3317 posts)
          Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

          51. There is no disputing that he's a despicable man who's fighting to stay relevant

          Does not cost me much to accept the apology and listen.

      • arcane1 (1446 posts)
        Profile photo of arcane1 Donor

        49. He's more likely seeking donors n/t

        • Xyzse (3317 posts)
          Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

          52. Hehe. True.

    • senz (5378 posts)
      Profile photo of senz Banned

      6. Now that is truly, unequivocally, nauseating.

      Therefore, I go with option 1.  :puke:

      Plus, it appears on DK:  :puke:  :puke:

      Bernie.  Don’t fall for it.  Please.  I know you must be politically diplomatic, so say it politely, but don’t let this toxic waste dump anywhere near you, ever.  Ever.

      Seriously.  You compromised your excellent soul when you endorsed the Hildebeast.  I forgave you because I glimpsed the immense, concentrated dark power behind its candidacy and sensed what they would do to you.  You did not sign on for martyrdom.

      But this creep, this shifty-eyed thing slithering up to snatch you back into its alley, this you must avoid.  It wants to use you as a weapon in defense of that same dark power.

      Choose wisely, dear Bernie.

      Since I’m about to fucking cry anyway …

      • nenagh (123 posts)
        Profile photo of nenagh Donor

        10. Agree 100 % with your comment…

        & thank you for the America ad…it’s so uplifting & full of joy..

      • WarrenPeace (208 posts)
        Profile photo of WarrenPeace Donor

        13. ^^^THIS^^^

        I agree 100%; well said.

        "I believe in a society where all people do well, not just the billionaires" ~ Bernie Sanders
    • Jan Boehmermann (4455 posts)
      Profile photo of Jan Boehmermann Donor

      7. Apology accepted, patrician Brock……

      NOW……. cry “Axios!”  and fall on your sword! 

    • tularetom (2311 posts)
      Profile photo of tularetom Donor

      8. The Clintons must have woke up and fired his ass

      Its hilarious to hear him whine about the “corporate media”, after losing an election where all the corporate media were on his side.

      I have no clue what he’s up to but whatever it is, its not to be believed.

      Its time for him to go the fuck away and be remembered for what he was – a pimple on the ass of American politics.

      I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • djean111 (5618 posts)
      Profile photo of djean111 Donor

      9. Fuck him. Trojan horse, IMO.

      • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
      You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • Sadie (3069 posts)
      Profile photo of Sadie Donor

      11. Don't believe a word

      from David Brock’s mouth.  He is trying to recreate himself after the shellacking and totally dismantling the party with his campaign debacle.

        Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
    • broiles (937 posts)
      Profile photo of broiles Donor

      12. I'm sorry I stabbed you in the back and relay my apologies to Anita Hill.

    • boriscleto (138 posts)
      Profile photo of boriscleto

      14. David Brock?

      Isn’t that the guy from goatse.cx?

    • HawkeyeX (1058 posts)
      Profile photo of HawkeyeX Donor

      15. Quit while you're behind, Brock..

      Like paying back us supporters millions upon millions of dollars in donations to Bernie, and confess what you did with Bernie and the evening of the DNC covention. Confess on the Brockbots and admit with a long list of paid assholes with their usernames. I know you have ’em, so cough ’em up.

      Then go rot in the 9th circle of hell.


    • Rozinante (3886 posts)
      Profile photo of Rozinante Donor

      16. Fuck that little shit.

    • hippiechick (1350 posts)
      Profile photo of hippiechick Donor

      17. You bet on the losing horse, Brock …

      Ride it to the end of the trail, don’t ask Bernie to take your sorry, scheming ass on.

    • Autumn (563 posts)
      Profile photo of Autumn

      18. Fuck Brock. I hope he chokes and dies with a rat in his mouth. nt

      • Gallagher (535 posts)
        Profile photo of Gallagher Donor

        19. Now, now…

        What have you got against rats?

      • TRex (3574 posts)
        Profile photo of TRex Donor

        39. That is no way for a poor rodent to die. nt


        Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
    • dreamnightwind (1480 posts)
      Profile photo of dreamnightwind Donor

      20. He wants his knife back

      but has to pull it from Bernie’s back first.

      • Chrissdc (42 posts)
        Profile photo of Chrissdc Donor

        23. Reply To

        I smell a rat trying to get ahold of a donor list with millions of $27 donors.

    • bemildred (5856 posts)
      Profile photo of bemildred Donor

      22. So the desperate search for a new host begins.


      It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
    • grasswire (241 posts)
      Profile photo of grasswire

      24. Okay, Brock. Prove your sincerity by ratting out HRC.

      You can do this.

    • hollys mom (907 posts)
      Profile photo of hollys mom Donor

      29. If an apology is just for convenience, you do not have to accept it,

      fuck off is an appropriate response.

      Bernie will be a team player and use this to his advantage, I am sure. I am not smart enough for that.

      As a Bernie supporter, I do not have to accept his apology.

    • washellofromreddit (177 posts)
      Profile photo of washellofromreddit

      33. You guys only think you're pissed at him

      The still-Hillary folks are positively seething.  Any admission that Sanders was right seems to be an anathema to the establishment.  And from a well-paid traitor to boot?  Gotta sting.

    • ThinkingANew (1431 posts)
      Profile photo of ThinkingANew

      36. So did he close his business?

      Otherwise this is just a PR stunt.

      "(modern) newspapers publish nothing more than “weaponized text"" “When you read a newspaper article, you are reading weaponized text that is designed to affect a person just like you." Julian Assange  
      • IdaBriggs (749 posts)
        Profile photo of IdaBriggs

        41. Nope. Brags about his SuperPac.

        “Join me and send your minions with money!” It isn’t even subtle. :eyes:

    • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
      Profile photo of Mom Cat Banned

      37. Just be sure to throw up first before you laugh. The reverse could end up

      strangling you.

           NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
    • TRex (3574 posts)
      Profile photo of TRex Donor

      38. Why would we trust a Republican? Just because HRC-DNC-PAC monster

      are full of rich gullible people, doesn’t mean we or that I have to play along. Brock is a mole and is working very well at destroying the Democratic Party. He has met just enough rich, arrogant people to do it with and get it done.



      Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
    • Betty Karlson (4338 posts)
      Profile photo of Betty Karlson Donor

      40. O where do we start with this hot mess of brockery?

      First of all, there is the way Daily Kill Old Socialists has this open letter preceded by some glowing resumé of David Brock. Weird. And even weirder when D-KOS claims: Today, in a public letter, he apologized to Bernie Sanders and those of us who supported Bernie in the primary. D-KOS had purged its site of “those of them” who supported Bernie Sanders. Heil Hill, or else! So which readers of D-KOS are being addressed by this letter?


      And then there is the letter itself, which irks me all the wrong ways:


      On the Democratic side, we had two leading candidates who each articulated a vision of an inclusive, prosperous, vibrant American democracy.

      I remember one such candidate: Bernie Sanders. Was the other Martin O’Malley, maybe?


      At times during the Democratic primary, I was criticized for being too aggressive in my support for Secretary Clinton — and rightly so.

      This sounds like genuine contrition. So why am I reluctant to believe it?


      With Trump’s inauguration looming just days away, now is the time for us to unite as a party and a progressive movement, and put the resentments of the past behind us.

      That’s why: he wants to jump on the bandwagon. He knows that the DNC-driven wagon has gone off the rails, and he needs a new vehicle. Bernie still having a vehicle, he wants what Bernie has.


      We who reject Trump’s bankrupt leadership must heal old wounds, reorient ourselves, and embrace common goals.

      Bernie doesn’t need to heal any wounds, because he didn’t cause any wounds. Brock did that. Bernie doesn’t need to reorient himself. Brock needs to do that. Bernie has already embraced common goals – goals he shares with half the Democratic Party and a majority of independents. The very people who couldn’t care less what Brock embraces, because Brock has caused all their recent wounds.


      We must unify in resistance.

      No, actually we must not unify with the very corrupt DNC establishment that gave us a candidate so mired in corruption and vice that she managed to lose even to Donald Trump. We must flush them out, or leave them and their party to rot, while we begin something viable. Brock being a henchman of that establishment, it would be best to resist him along woth the other paragons of the 20th century neo-liberal mindset.


      With the stakes so high, I pledge to help harness the passion that you and your supporters unleashed to empower progressives — Democrats up and down ballot — and to hold Donald Trump accountable.

      He doesn’t just want to jump on the bandwagon, he wants to hijack it! Consider us duly warned, piece of slime that you are.


      We need you to continue to be the voice of reason in a world that has been spun out of control.

      Who was it that helped to spin the world out of control? Clinton and her bankrollers. Sanders was standing up against it, and what did you do? You accused him of every deficiency your own candidate had aplenty. And you called us racists and sexists, sluts, Hell-bound, complacent, ill-informed, easily duped, basement-dwellers, and so on. What is more: you told us over and over again that you didn’t need us or our imput. Well fuck you, Brock, tuns out that you do. But we don’t need you. So crawl back under that rock whence you came, and stay there.


      One of the signature issues of your campaign was getting money out of politics. Even though I run a SuperPAC, I am with you on this.

      Ah, so the bandwagon-hijacker wanted to play that game only as long as there was a chance for him to win it, then? Well, we figured out a long time ago that the game was rigged against us. And absent some very convincing moment of epiphany that enduces Brock to have the most radical conversion since the apostle Mathew stopped being a publican, I’m not buying his desire to take Bernie’s vehicle and get behind the wheel.


      We need you to bring your fervent opposition to the billionaire class to the Trump Administration’s doorstep.

      That doorstep stretches all the way to the front door of the DNC, and all the way up to Chappaqua, New York. And the opposition needs to be just as fervent on those doorsteps. Half-measures don’t suffice if we truly want to get money out of politics.


      The nation deserves to know what motivates the Trump administration’s policies. Is it public service or profit? Foreign affairs or the family business?

      We need you to call out these conflicts and act as a foil to our self-dealing egoist in the Oval Office.

      We, his longtime supporters and fans, need him to call out those conflicts, just as he (gentlemanly) pointed them out when Clinton created them. Was it public service or profit? Foreign Affairs or family business? We need Bernie to act as a foil to any self-dealing egoist in or aspiring to the oval office. Hell, we need Bernie IN THAT OFFICE!


      Once-venerable media institutions have subordinated truth and fairness and prioritized profit and a distorted notion of editorial “parity.” That “parity” is a twisted false equivalency whereby a minor story about Hillary’s emails which, to your credit, you did not exploit, received more coverage than the panoply of legal, ethical, and moral abominations perpetrated by our President-elect.

      MINOR STORY? “anyone else doing this would have been prosecuted” – not my words, but James Comey’s. The once-venerable media balcked out Bernie, in favour of Saint Hillary of Walmart, Our Blessed Lady of Inevitability, and the Affluent Fruit of Her Womb, Chelsea. I didn’t hear you complain back then, Brock. Nor do I hear you apologising for your collusion with those media at the time, to prop up the threat of Trump Trump Trump so that voters might not take a chance on Bernie. You were one of the primary creators of the Trump inevitability in this year of the outsider. But you insisted on foisting Clinton on the Democratic Party, as Trump was the only candidate she just might defeat. She didn’t. You made this mess. Just like she made a mess of her e-mails, breaking law after law, feeling entitled to be above any law.


      If you voted for Senator Sanders, you almost certainly realize that Trump is a very real threat to our way of life, our shared values, and our constitutional democracy. We are all now small-d democrats. What was said in the heat of a campaign cannot drive us apart in the face of such an overwhelming threat.

      Yet another time the Trump card is being played to demand compliance. What makes Brock think it will work this time?


      The real dividing line going forward in our party is not about ideological direction. It’s the question of whether to resist and oppose, or accommodate and appease.

      Clueless. If we don’t resist and oppose neo-liberalism (that longtime enabler of neo-conservatism’s ever further lurch to the right), we will indirectly appease and accomodate an ever further rightward lurch of the USA at large. The real dividing line is EXACTLY about ideology. This is not about bluntly opposing anything Trump does, but about offering an alternative. “Not that”, “At least we are not as bad as the GOP” and other lesser-evil-arguments have stopped enthousing the voters. We need a new plan, a better plan. We need to offer a clear alternative. If that makes you billionaire donors and your PAC uncomfortable and / or obsolete, Brock – even better.



      David Brock

      OK, now I know for sure he didn’t mean a word he wrote. Brock, sincere?


      Betty Karlson.

      "Someone hacks the DNC allowing all of America to see how the DNC operates as one of the most corrupt political machines in national history. Ergo, Hillary Clinton should be installed as President by judicial fiat. And if you do not agree to this scheme you deserve to be brought up on charges of treason because fascism." - NUGrrl, december 2016 “Once a person has been determined to be an UNTRUSTWORTHY LIAR, their pretend stances on important issues are simply not relevant to rational discussion.” – Ida Briggs, September 2016
    • kelly (427 posts)
      Profile photo of kelly Banned

      42. what a lovely suicide note

      did he leave a good looking corpse?

    • libodem (1032 posts)
      Profile photo of libodem

      45. What an insincere

      Little bitch.

      I want to use the c-word here, to name call him, just because I can. And it fits, and he,….. wait, no, it’s too good a word to misuse on him.

      How ’bout shitheel.

      • arcane1 (1446 posts)
        Profile photo of arcane1 Donor

        48. He's a little bit nutty. n/t

        • libodem (1032 posts)
          Profile photo of libodem

          53. Like something one steps in

          And wipes  off in the grass.

          Maybe Shit Weasel is even better. Fuck him sideways.

    • arcane1 (1446 posts)
      Profile photo of arcane1 Donor

      47. Fuck you, David "Black lives don't matter to Bernie Sanders" Brock.

      That’s not ” too stiff a jab”, it was a blatant, asshole lie.

    • winter is coming (1010 posts)
      Profile photo of winter is coming

      50. Is he hanging on a gibbet for the sport of his own crows?

      No?  Then it’s too soon for peace.

    • Ash F (137 posts)
      Profile photo of Ash F

      54. …

    • DoctorJ (644 posts)
      Profile photo of DoctorJ Donor

      55. Yeah…no

      Any friend of Clarence Thomas is no friend of mine.

      Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it. - Michael Parenti
    • SandersDem (778 posts)
      Profile photo of SandersDem Donor

      56. David Brock is a

      pile of shit.  Attacking progressive voters is one of the most insane ideas any Democrat running for President (or their advisors) can do during an election.  We have heard the stats about how many people refused to vote for President and yet voted a complete down ballot.  Why did that happen?  “Bernie Bro” attacks, attacks on Progressive Democratic voters, Sock Puppetry, Website crack pottery and just general dumb-assedness.





    • oldandhappy (4104 posts)
      Profile photo of oldandhappy Donor

      57. Looking for coat-tails and money and fame.

      Go away, Brock.  Your day is over.  Comb your hair and give background interviews.

      Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.