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Home Main Forums 2018 Elections DWS and CNN twist Russian "hacking" for her being ousted plus Hillary's loss.

  • Carolab (1112 posts)
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    DWS and CNN twist Russian "hacking" for her being ousted plus Hillary's loss.

    Watch how CNN’s Erin Burnett tees up the storyline that it was Russia “hacking” that caused Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s outster as WELL as Hillary’s loss.  So many twists in this single narrative it makes your head spin.  It wasn’t hacking, it was leaking, and we don’t know if Russia did it.  And it was the fact the leaked emails showed how DWS/DNC were cheating for Hillary and sabotaging Bernie that caused DWS to resign her post.

    JESUS.  No wonder Americans are so confused and uninformed.

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  • Abelenkpe (374 posts)
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    1. T_T

    I cannot tell you how many of my coworkers and friends will buy right into this. They won’t bother actually reading any of the wikileaks DNC emails, they believe articles that report on them and whatever spin they choose to give the emails. Usually it’s they were just status quo nothing wrong with them etc.

    Still so angry that Hillary ran at all. I felt the day she announced her intention to run that democrats would lose with her as a candidate. She was the wrong candidate for the times. Just as Romney was wrong in 2012. And now we have crazy people in power, controlling the house, senate and executive branch. It’s difficult not to be filled with despair.

    • Carolab (1112 posts)
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      5. Such a shame.

      And my experience is people keep putting their fingers in their ears.  Either they don’t care or they simply don’t want to hear it.

  • em77 (2507 posts)
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    2. Even Obama said it was a leak not a hack.

  • Jan Boehmermann (3545 posts)
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    3. Just when I thought I couldn't despise DWS any more than I already do…….

    ……. this sad interview comes out! 

  • MistaP (5265 posts)
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    4. her firing was THE proof that the documents were legit

    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • winter is coming (854 posts)
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    6. Why blame the alleged exposers and not the exposed?

    I’m fed to the teeth with the bogus “Russia!” claims and the self-pitying “if only” musings.

    Either DWS and others were too stupid to realize that their behavior, if exposed, would cost them, or they smugly assumed they’d never be caught.  Neither possibility makes me think it’s a bad thing they got the boot.

    Stop blaming others for exposing your sleazy behavior.  Blame yourself for being a sleaze.

  • washellofromreddit (164 posts)
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    7. She could get a job with the Trump campaign

    Quite the bullshit firehose right there.

    I’m still a little surprised that Hillary was so far out of touch she was willing to immediately swoop in and put her stamp of approval on this woman after she was booted from the DNC.  I just didn’t fully grasp how stupid the party leadership had become.

    • closeupready (1174 posts)
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      10. Hillary has always seemed kind of dumb to me.

      Shrill, combative, and tough, yes.  And not very smart, in all kinds of ways.

      The opinions and views expressed herein are solely those of the author.
      • oldandhappy (3215 posts)
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        12. That hit me this last cycle.

        Others tell us how smart she it.  I did not see that.  She made a lot of dumb mistakes.  I am not a strategist, but even I would have done things differently.

  • Rozinante (2954 posts)
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    8. Thanks, Russia!

  • oldandhappy (3215 posts)
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    11. Yea Yea Yea Russia

    We don’t believe you, CNN.

    We don’t believe you, Debbie dear.

    We don’t believe what you say or tell us loud as you stand so proud.

    We don’t believe your lying lips.

    I have turned you off, CNN.

  • Babel 17 (2552 posts)
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    14. Lol, Russia influenced the election by exposing how DWS influenced the primary?

    That was a great comment! :)

  • travelamerica (678 posts)
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    15. This was the plan all along…

    Do a ton of dirty stuff, and then use gas lighting and other rewriting of history techniques to make people believe that it never happened! (or make people be fearful of saying that their memory is more correct than what the elites are saying.)

    • Carolab (1112 posts)
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      16. Plausible deniability is their middle name.

      But the emails blew it apart.