De Blasio not ruling out a 2020 bid

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      New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is staying focused on the job he currently has representing the people of New York City — but he isn’t ruling out the possibility of running for president in 2020.

      “I’m focused on the job I have, but I’ve also been really clear,” de Blasio told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” on Sunday morning.

      “I’m going to spread this message because this should be the idea of the Democratic party,” he added, referencing his recent State of the City address, in which he argued that there is plenty of money to go around, but it’s been stuck “in the wrong hands.”

      De Blasio wouldn’t say whether he’d throw his hat in the ring next year, but he did say that the Democratic Party is in the midst of an identity crisis in terms of what should be the goals and values of the party.

      I KNEW IT!  What we need now – another empty suit. 

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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      De Blasio can get in line behind Beto to kiss my grits.

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      The very funny story of how a man was convicted of bribing de Blasio, yet no criminal case was made against de Blasio.

      For more than a year, Mayor Bill de Blasio tried his best to distance himself from Harendra Singh, a wealthy donor who was cooperating with federal authorities in a Brooklyn-based corruption investigation of the mayor’s fund-raising practices.

      But even though Mr. Singh pleaded guilty to giving the mayor bribes, the prosecutors handling the inquiry could never prove that Mr. de Blasio considered them bribes, and the case was closed.

      A campaign donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio secretly pleaded guilty in federal court to bribery, admitting that he used his contributions to the mayor to try to win favorable lease terms for a restaurant he owned on city property, newly unsealed court records show.

      While the court papers included no charges against Mr. de Blasio or other city officials, a federal criminal information in the case makes it clear that the donor, Harendra Singh, got something in return.

      The court documents said that the mayor took steps to benefit Mr. Singh in exchange for the contributions, and that an unnamed senior aide to Mr. de Blasio arranged a meeting to pressure a city agency to offer more favorable terms to Mr. Singh.

      This story entertained us on a local level, now de Blasio might take it nation wide? lol

      We just got through re-electing a Governor that the NYT described as corrupt, right before endorsing him. Other than Sanders, who transplanted himself from Brooklyn, the politicians from my state have been so awash in money, and so desperate to raise money in this most expensive of states to run in, that it’s hard to project clean hands when you come from here.

      The best they can strive for is to keep a respectable distance from the donor class. Our two Senators manage that, though Schumer can’t hide his affection for Wall Street and the investment banks. They helped elect President Obama, and they enable Schumer to directly fund several of his Democratic colleagues. They are Schumercrats, when it counts.

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      Another Neoliberal shill that shall never get my vote

      Never expect different result by following the previous steps

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