Deadly Glacier Collapse in Italy ‘Linked Directly to Climate Change’

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      A huge chunk of the glacier broke off and slid down the mountain during a heat wave that’s hit the region earlier in the year than normal. Meteorologists have recorded temperatures of 50° Fahrenheit in the Second-Richest Man Jeff Bezos Defends Oil Industry Price-GougingMarmolada mountain group in recent days.

      Jonathan Bamber, director of the Bristol Glaciology Center at University of Bristol in the United Kingdom noted that the Dolomites “experienced a drought throughout the winter with very little snowfall.”

      “Combined with the unusually high temperatures across the region over the summer, glaciers are melting fast,” he said, adding that high European mountains are “an [increasingly] dangerous and unpredictable environment to be in.”

      Poul Christoffersen, a professor of glaciology at the University of Cambridge, called the collapse “a natural disaster linked directly to climate change. High elevation glaciers such as the Marmolada are often steep and relying on cold temperatures below zero degrees Celsius to keep them stable,” he explained. “But climate change means more and more meltwater, which releases heat that warms up the ice if the water re-freezes, or even worse: lifting up the glacier from the rock below and causing a sudden unstable collapse.”

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